Spill it Sundays #4: BREAKFAST

Sunday already?? Where has the weekend gone? While you are reading this I am working the race, the final day of work for me this weekend and it was an early morning! 5am was when we had to get to the race site. Luckily Shane and I stayed the night in DC at my aunt’s place and he dropped me off this morning. I will be sad to leave tomorrow morning not knowing when exactly I will be back (probably not again until summer school ends) but hopefully Shane will be able to visit me in New Orleans! So I am linking up with Arman again this week; I totally meant to link up last week but got way too busy with school work and never finished the post on family and lacked some thoughts but this weeks topic was perfect with what I have been eating lately! BREAKFAST!

The Big Man's World
USNA selfie!
USNA selfie!

1. What is your classic go to breakfast of choice? Greek yogurt with protein powder, pb2 (great new addition) granola, chocolate chips sometimes coconut butter and sometimes all of that added into oats! with sliced banana too!


2. Favourite sweet style breakfast? Definitely chocolate greek yogurt when I add in my own flavorings and I’ve turning into an overnight oats convert basically my same greek yogurt mixture with oatmeal. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before entering the blog world!

IMG_1775 IMG_1206

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast? On the weekends at home we like to have omelettes when we have a little more time than usual. To the mix we add spinach, tomatoes (i add mushrooms), and smoked salmon! I also like to add some cajun spice and salsa.

not homemade but still yummy!
not homemade but still yummy!

4. Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of. Any version of overnight oats!


5. Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten? Probably when I made a sandwich of a cranberry bagel thin with soy cream cheese, lettuce, an egg, avocado, and smoked salmon… it was a big one but super good! My moms bf thought it smelled nasty and sounded gross but it was just like an egg sandwich to me 🙂


6. Do you have a typical breakfast routine? It depends on the day but yes! Days I don’t have class during the week I usually eat a snack (Energy bites or muffins) and a cup of coffee then I run or go to the gym. Afterwards I come back for a bigger breakfast of oatmeal with yogurt and all above mentioned toppings or make some protein pancakes. On days that I have morning classes I wake up to go to the training room or double workout when we have them. The night before I pack up yogurt toppings or make overnight oats, pack a snack usually one fruit and something else like pretzels and pb or trail mix and I take it all to class with me. On the weekends I wake up workout and then make eggs or pancakes or go to the dining hall with friends.

So there you have it! Breakfast is by far my favorite meal but I don’t enjoy eating out as much for breakfast/brunch as much as I used to due to my fructose intolerance. It is a hard meal to stay away from a lot of those ingredients for so I would rather make it myself!


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