Playing Catch Up: Busy Weekend

Hi there! Wow was it a BUSY weekend. I worked 43 hours in 4 days but overall it was fun and awesome to be home and around so many runners. I may have complained a bit (okay a lot) by the 3rd and last days about not wanting to wake up bout overall it was a great experience.

Shalane Flanagan! and Joan Benoit Samuelson
Shalane Flanagan! and Joan Benoit Samuelson

I have never worked a race before, let alone one with 15,000 plus runners. I delt with some summer nice people and some not so nice… My various jobs included telling people about Nike plus training, race details, directing them to packet pickup, tshirts, the expo and whatever other questions or info they needed. My position on day 3 when I was running out of steam was by the exit of packet pickup and I definitely made some enemies telling people they couldn’t walk in the exit door… Sorry but I was just doing my job and trying to maintain order.
On race day I was by the 930 pace corral and helped move the barricades and helped stuff snack bags provided by whole foods after the race. They ran out of the ones they made before the runners started finishing and the line was getting super long so I helped stuff bags and leaned I am a pro at doing that fast. By 11 I was given a break and then hung out in theNike Training Club tent until I was done for the day. It was a great race day and I hope to be running it next year!
Some other events of the weekend was dinner Saturday night. Shane and my mom drove in to meet me towards the end of the expo and waited for me to get off. We had a little meeting after to go over Sunday procedure and I was done at 6:30. We had walked in around 6pm to put our names down for a table at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers. We knew their reservations were booked but since I was working right there I just went in on my break to put our name down. I then had time to change and take some pictures by the harbor before we got a text saying our table was ready.

IMG_1945 IMG_1948

Dinner was great! The menu had so many options that it was hard to choose! We started with the pretzel sticks and dipping sauces and then I had the Cioppino for my meal. I really liked my food and their bread was awesome!

pretzel sticks and dips
pretzel sticks and dips

Shane had the lemonade fried fish that he said was okay but not great because he couldn’t taste the lemonade flavor and my mom had the steak frites. We finished up around 8 pm and headed up to Nike Georgetown to look around. It was then time for my mom to head home and Shane and I to checkin to our hotel my aunt os generously booked for us since I had a very early morning the next day.
She accommodated us at the St. Regis!!! The room was awesome, I wish I had been able to enjoy it more. I was out by 10:15 pm and up at 4:30 the next morning to walk to the start of the race. I will note that the coffee in the lobby was REALLLY GOOD, I took two cups to go, and they had kind bars, bananas, and apples at the door to exit. I’m not sure if they always do that or if it was just because of the race.
When I was done work on Sunday I headed back to the hotel to meet Shane, He had already checked out and was supposed to be getting the car. I wandered around a bit looking for him with no luck and then found out his car battery had died because they had turned the inside light on (probably because he has a manual) and left it on all night. We were a little annoyed but at least were able to get our parking compted (at $51/night) because of it! Then headed back to Annapolis for a late lunch at Qdoba, a short target trip where I got sale easter candy, and home to work on some papers and relax until he had to go back to school.
I went to my gym when Shane left and got in a short run before going back home to enjoy a nice home cooked meal with my mom and we watched some tv episodes. The next morning I was up at 7 and we were out of the house by 8 pm so I could make my 9:45 am flight. I was put in the line for expedited security (no taking off shoes,layers, laptops and liquids stay in bags) well I thought that was awesome until they thought my portable stem machine was a taser! They had to search my bag and rerun it but I ended up getting through, getting some Pinkberry at 8:52 am (never too early, right?) and my flight left a few minutes early!!!

pinkberry frozen yogurt
pinkberry frozen yogurt

I had a great weekend, I really recommend this half to anyone! The Tiffany’s necklace is reason enough! Also, I cannot wait to be home for the summer! Booo, summer school 🙂


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