Thinking Out Loud #11

Even feel the need to rant? Well, I have been find that need a lot lately. Not on purpose but it is just a certain someone keeps doing things or I keep hearing about things and it just makes me so angry. Well let me thank Amanda for another week of Thinking Out Loud first!!!


So this said teammate who I have mentioned before has done it again. It is not just me she it targeting but also one of my closest friends. Finally, (we have sort of a trio) our 3rd one went off a little bit on her because she has been hurting the two of us. It was at practice earlier this week she started marking comments about a friends eating habits. Though she does not hang out around her besides going too and from practice and has only really eaten meals with her when traveling for a race. She said she was doing this out of concern, but she has no knowledge of what my friend/teammate (the one I like) does Β or doesn’t eat.

I then found out she had said the same thing about me during the fall! That apparently I don’t eat and have made up my food intolerances… you all know I hate when people fake food intolerances. I will tell you if I do not like something and I have been tested my doctors for the one’s I have. Yes, I sometimes eat things I should not but that is because I made the decision to have something I want and not deprive myself. This same teammate that said all this S**T about us also spend a lot of time encouraging me to eat things I should not when I say it will upset my stomach or make me sick. Like WTF.

Now what REALLY sent us off is she 1. looked up my food intolerances and IBD and would tell me what I can and cannot eat and other things about… myself. and 2. She looked up the other teammates medications and said she was “concerned” about the side affects and taking certain medications together. My friend has seen doctors and been prescribed those medications for personal issues, if they think it is okay then trust then, if it helps her be a happier person than good for her for making that step, and why is this at all your business. Because she had to have really creeped as in looked into her medicine bag on a travel trip while she wasn’t around and taken pictures or written down the prescription names because we all know those are long and complicated and then looked it up… HOW WEIRD? and an invasion of privacy.

A side note- I eat a lot of meals with this teammate and she does not have any problems, yes there is the occasional time she is not hungry but that happens to everyone.

So our 3rd friend (a guy) who also has a right to be upset with her because she invited herself to his house at the end of Christmas break and gave a half assed thank you to his parents after a week of them paying for everything (she is not invited back to his house and his parents think her manners are awful) – well after practice he confronted her and basically called her out on the things she has said to everyone about us and she just blamed it on other people. She said well if we are talking about this then we are also gossiping about her… no, we are just talking about the things you are saying about US and that she just has “concern.” Well, I think she should be more concerned with herself instead of being so focused on everyone else. STOP trying to cut us down to other people. You do you and I’ll do me.

We are all supposed to be teammates and friends but you and trying to say all this bad stuff about us to everyone else. I think you all get the picture… I am SO ready for summer and to graduate. This has turned into high school pitty drama all over again but it feels good to get it off my chest. It is hard when the people you care most about are so far away and stuff like this happens. Β My friend (don’t want to call out her name) and I have both been through enough stress and do not need anyone else trying to cut us down.

NOW, I am looking forward to a lovely weekend! A little jazz fest tonight, working two baseball games, and then getting everything ready for finals and moving out! WOOOO.

P.S.: Don’t let haters get you down πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #11

  1. Yowza… sounds like that girl is trying really hard to just be a pain in the ass. Sorry, lady… But just try to see any hardship as an opportunity for personal growth. Take the higher road and become a better person for it — that’s all you can really do πŸ™‚ And summer will be here soon enough! So long as it doesn’t snow in May πŸ˜‰


  2. Wow this girl reminds me of someone I had to deal with in high school! Just let her do her thing she can’t harm you and it will all come back to her! Just remember be the bigger person πŸ™‚
    On another note Jazz Fest sounds so fun! Enjoy!


    1. I was one of her closest friends which is what surprised me the most but oh well her loss just makes her look really bad… jazz fest is awesome. Two weekends with TONS of bands, multiple stages, all day long. It brings in a lot of people and is a really popular music festival


  3. That is terrible. I couldn’t imagine someone telling me what to do when it comes to my health problems. I have a hard enough time when my family does it. But if someone else did it to me I’d have a hard time being pleasant with that person. And sneaking through another persons belongings. If that happened to me I’d be really tempted to punch her in the face, lol.


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