Weekly Workouts #37 and Update

So I want to start off by saying Jazz Fest on Thursday was AWESOME! My friend got me and two of my friends from school backstage tickets to The Whailers. His dad are brother are both in the band. They were soo good and the music went along perfectly with the sunny warm weather we had! This was the first time I had gone to Jazz fest and it was really cool!

1010713_10152427959953115_791927868501331304_n 10273745_10152427959948115_8903242283936299031_n 10325590_10152427959943115_563915373290310895_n

For anyone that doesn’t know it is a two weekly music festival held every year in New Orleans. There are always a ton of head line bands and its held at the fair grounds with up to 10 stages with different bands at a time and tons of local food options. Tickets are a little pricy but you definitely get your moneys worth if you spend all day out there!

Now onto my workouts… well I know I missed last week. That is for two reasons, one- I was super busy and didn’t get on my computer at all on Saturday. I worked 7-630 am and to get to the expo I was up at 5:45 am. Also, my leg started to hurt a lot after standing around all day Thursday and Friday so I didn’t do much running and took Saturday completely off. I emailed my trainer and went in to see our Doctor this week. I have been in and out of appointments since. He wants to figure out my Right leg first and then go back and look at my hip to see if there is something more serious than the extreme tightness my trainers keep saying it is. I shouldn’t still be limping because of a tight hip and it has been happening every time I ramp up my training since I pulled my groin last summer (non running related I swung my left leg out of my car too fast and head a pop and was limping for 7-10 days and got some treatment on it at home) so he wants to see if there is something wrong in my hip flexor making me limp and compensate other areas of my body.

My R calf/mid shin area has been bothering me off and on for the past 4-6 weeks and I sorta expected it to get worse as I continued to limp and minimally train. I finally saw the doc Tuesday morning, had an X ray Wednesday that was fine, and an MRI yesterday. I haven’t found out the results yet but I have been on the lookout for the trainer that would have gotten the report and then will go check back in and go over the results with the doc early next week.

Last weeks Miles: 31.4 miles

This Week: Sunday: core work, 70 min elliptical, 2.5 mi run (18 min)

Monday: 8.05 mi alter g run ( 51 min)

Tuesday: 50 min pool workout, core work

Wednesday: 75 min elliptical

Thursday: 45 min elliptical, 30 min pool, core work

Friday: 75 min elliptical, core work, weights

Saturday: 75 min elliptical (maybe some aquajogging later too)

Miles: 10.6, 5 x cross training, 2 x pool, 4 x core work, 1 x weight lifting

April Miles: 116.96 mi

YTD Miles: 710.42 mi

So… Am I bummed about my leg/hip problems? Yes. Am I going to let it get me down? Hell No!

I am getting to the point where I am tired of the stress of running collegiately. I just want to be able to run for fun again and not worry about my cardio level and the need to do well for my coach. Since I had that conflict with him about conference/ring dance… if I am injured I will not be racing so I went ahead and rebooked a flight home on southwest (since I can cancel if need be) for the time between finals and the start of summer school. I didn’t want to be hurt and stuck here because plane tickets were too expensive.

I would have loved to go to conference and have a great 10k race but I am not going to pretend to be okay, go run, do poorly, and end up even more hurt while missing Mother’s Day, Shane’s Birthday, and Ring Dance.

I am a little antsy for the results so I am off to go look for our head trainer! And whatever happens so be it. It helps that my best friend on the team is also in a boot (not that I want her hurt) so we have been doing our aquajogging together to make it go by faster!

Have a great weekend!!


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