Thinking Out Loud #12

Thursday! Means another week of linking up with Amanda for some Thinking Out Loud. Always a good day! Lets get into it, Shall we?


1. Depending on when you are reading this I am either 1. Cramming for my exam this afternoon, 2. Taking said exam or 3. Done with my Junior year of college!

2.I also have to “check out” with my RA today meaning my room has to be completely empty. So stressful getting everything out while trying to study for finals too. The only time available, due to her exams, was/is 10:45 am meaning I had to be completely out of my room before my last final too.

3. I reviewed my MRI results with the doc and luckily my bone had not fractured yet but the whole thing is inflammed so it is basically the same recovery time.

4. Honestly, I am not all that upset. I get to go home tomorrow and go to Ring Dance with Shane and be home relaxing for 9 days! If I was going to have a bad race I would rather be able to go home; my leg hurt and my hip hurt so I was losing interest in racing because running wasn’t fun.

5. The most serious decision I have had to make in awhile is about to be here. My coach wants to talk when I get back and star summer school about the possibility of medically releasing me. Though I was really against it at first he pointed out that I cannot base this type of decision based off the fact that I like cross country, but need to think about the number of medical complications I have had and if competitively running is really best for me overall. It is something we have to talk about and look at every aspect. I am really okay with it going either way at this point and taking away that stress might not be a bad thing for me.

6. Can I just emphasize how much I HATE moving out of my dorm… I have wayyy too much CRAP yet I can’t seem to consolidate enough to make it easy on me!

7. It is going to be a hottt late spring/summer here in New Orleans. It has been 80 plus the last week, not complaining I have gotten a little bit of tanning time each day, but in another month when it is 90 plus humidity I will be thankful to go home at the end of June.

8. That is pretty much all I have this week. My brain is turning to mush after lots of paper writing, project doing, and studying!

Have a great day! And thanks for listening/reading my rambles. I am also happy to be going home to discuss my options with my mom and Shane and if I decide not to run in the fall I will still have the support of our training room and on campus doctors to make sure I get recovered and healthy.

It is summer finally too! Well, for two weeks before summer school starts :/ but home for two weeks is better than nothing!


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #12

  1. Good luck on your decision ! Not medically related but I went through the same thing and it is tough but sometimes you may not be happy at first but later on you really are glad you made the decision!


  2. Hoping your exam went well, lady! And good luck with your decision. I think your coach had it right when he said that even if you love it, it might not be the best for you. And look at it this way… just because you won’t be competing doesn’t mean you can’t still run for fun… you might even enjoy it more 🙂


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