Weekly Workouts #38

How is your weekend going so far?

Mine has been good. It is nice to be home! We have changed our plans about 1000 times but that is okay. Yesterday I landed at 10:15 am at BWI and got my baggage. I was in need of some coffee after leaving for the airport at 5 am so we went to Starbucks and then home to unpack a little. Later in the afternoon Shane dropped me off at the gym while he went to run with a teammate. They got stuck in Friday traffic on their way back to pick me up making much a much later night than planned. We stopped at robeks for some smoothies then took his friend back to his sponsor families house (navy thing).

We had planned on going grocery shopping at Whole Foods and Safeway because my mom went to Colorado for work there wasn’t much food at home and even the milk had expired. But at this point it was 6:30 already and I had had a long day. So Whole Foods it was! We decided this would stop us from picking out all the junk we didn’t need. I still managed to spent $60 on two bags of groceries but that’s mostly to blame for Shane’s beef for dinner and two of those glass bottle lemonades and some earth balance crunchy coconut pb spread for myself. Plus the other stuff we got like quac, broccoli, lettuce, bananas, plantains, silk milk, regular milk, salted caramel yogurt, bai drinks, pesto tofu, seitan cubes, pb covered pretzels, trail mix….typing all that out seems like more than I thought!

Well we got home by 7:15 and I immediately started prepping dinner as Shane showered and then we switched off as I showered. We had the rangers hockey game on (they won) and dinner was ready at 8pm. After that it was a low key night, cleaning up the kitchen, running the dishwasher, sending out some emails, and checking for grades to be posted!

This morning we were up around 8 am, I set the coffee pot up last night so it was ready when I got upstairs, and headed out at 8:30. Shane dropped me at the gym and he went to run with the same teammate as yesterday. They ran for an hour and then Shane came back to pick me up. Now it is breakfast, more coffee, and getting ready to head out for the day to do some stuff! Gotta get some mother’s day cards and flowers before I run out of time! Tomorrow is also Shane’s 21st birthday! No big plans, my mom won’t get back to the house until around midnight tonight and we never made any brunch reservations or anything but we will figure it out!

Sunday: 45 min elliptical, 35 min aquajogging, weights
Monday: 75 min elliptical, core work
75 min elliptical, core work, weights
60 min elliptical, core work and pushups
90 min elliptical, core work
75 min elliptical, 15 min bike, core work
75 min elliptical

… No running 😦 , lots of cross training, I just kinda go however long I feel like it at this point, those are estimates of time something I end on random minute/second times just because I finish checking emails and social media or studying. 2 x weight lifting and one day with pushups, plus 1 swim this week, and core 5 days! It was different most days I did my usual planking on M/W/F and then T/Th plus Wednesday I did some different ab routines with my teammates. I am planning on focusing more on weights and core while I am injured this time around since those have taken a backseat the last few months trying to train.

That is all I got for y’all today! Have a great weekend and celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Anything fun on the agenda? I will probably go to my moms group power class with her in the morning.


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