FOFMAPs to the rescue

Today I have a very specific topic about how I have been feeling and what I am going to do about it. I don’t know if everyone is aware of or has heard about FODMAPs before. It is an elimination diet that is very useful to those with any IBS/IBD symptoms or diagnosis. FODMAPs are carbs that are high in sugars but not all carbs are FODMAPs. They are fructose, lactose, fructans, galactans,and polyols.


Now I have already been tested positive for fructose intolerance and know dairy fat bothers me as well as whole eggs but 1. I have done an awful job really limiting fructose and 2. my stomach still hurts on an almost daily basis. This isn’t always a I have a tummy ache hurt but the symptoms include: gas, bloating, cramping, constipation and diarrhea. I experience most of these and the cramping is often the worst symptom of all. It is a sharp pain in my left side that causes me to lean over a little when it happens and hold my breath.. safe to say these are not pleasant symptoms when trying to live a “normal” life like going out with friends, enjoying meals, and working out.

My symptoms had eased up a lot during the last couple months but started to get worse again and there is no real way to pinpoint why. It is very frustrating when you don’t know what to change or why you feel so awful.

So now that  I am home for two weeks I am going to fully commit to the FODMAPs ‘diet.’ This is for my health and not weight reasons and I will say I am not googling my symptoms and making these decisions based off half credible sources but that my GI doctor, the nutritionist I saw, and the dietitian that did my fructose intolerance testing all have told me I really need to do this in order to pinpoint irritants and help with my gut healing so I don’t have to deal with this for the rest of my life. The reason I did not do it a year ago when I was first told about this was 1. because I was intimidated by this disease I found out I had, a food intolerance, and no reason for me getting it all and 2. because as a college student it is hard to cut out so many foods and still get a variety of nutrients for collegiate training and 3. not wanting to waste my meal plan and spend all my money on groceries.

I am going to do a 6 week elimination period starting today and then reintroduce foods one at a time afterwards. I am really not a fan of cutting out whole food groups but I would much rather figure this out for good and not feel so awful all the time. After looking at the do’s and don’ts I do not think it will be as hard as I originally thought. I can still eat my blueberries, bananas, some nuts, fish and egg whites, oatmeal, nut butter, gf flour, lettuce, yams, squash, quinoa, and coffee! Plus some others, but no froyo but I will make sure to buy some lactose free ice cream at the grocery store and probably save a lot of money not going so often.


It really helps to be home at the start of this to be able to have access to more foods and hopefully get into the habit of not eating the other things. It also helps that i have limited those items with fructose for the last year so it will not seem like too many more things off the list.

I look forward to hopefully feeling 100x better and being more comfortable going out in public and being with people. I know this is the best decision for me after having multiple creditable sources recommend it.

Here are some of the resources I am using to figure out what to eat and not eat and focus on what I like that I can have!


3 thoughts on “FOFMAPs to the rescue

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