TMI Tuesday?!

Hello there! So last week Kaila over at Healthy Helper filled out this TMI survey and nominated me for it so I am here to tell you a little too much about myself!

Edited to add: Before we get into it I wanted to say I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend! And I filled out this surgery last Thursday night before I got home!

1: What are you wearing? As I am filling this out I am in black nike pro spandex, a white v neck nike shirt, and my lovely boot and one sneaker.

2: Ever been in love? Currently am. Almost three years and I am just as crazy about him as I was at the beginning, maybe even more so.


3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Oh boy, yeahh there was a rough one. I did the breaking up but he was pretty mean about it; somehow I was at fault for not wanting to be with him anymore… glad that is in the past. It did teach me a lot about standing up for myself and not letting a guy push me around.

4: How tall are you? A very sad 5’ 1, I am the shortest in my family by a couple inches but I rock it! hah

5: How much do you weigh? Not sure right now, I flux a lot and don’t like to weigh myself… working on those muscles now that running is a no go too so that’ll increase my weight!

6: Any tattoos? Nope, I do not like needles at all. I pass out a lot.

7: Any piercings? 5 in my ears but as mentioned above I passed out both times I had my ears pierced so I think I am done. I also never wear earrings anymore.

8: Favorite movie couple? Is it toopredictable to say Noah and Allie from The Notebook, Satine and Christian from Moulin Rouge, Carrie and Big from Sex and the City (but they have a lot of drama), or Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl (yes, a tv show but they keep their relationship spicy hah)

that kiss!
that kiss!

9: Favorite show? Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Chopped, Diners Drive ins and Dives


10: Favorite bands? Do Artists count? Shakira! Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney

11: Something you miss? Home! Shane, my mom, my bedroom


12: Favorite song? Hey There Delilah will always have a place on my top list (by Plain White T’s), also Waka Waka by Shakira, I will wait by Mumford and Sons, and That’s my kind of night by Luke Bryan

13: How old are you? 21! I don’t drink though so not a big deal to me.

14: Zodiac sign?

Scorpio and we are awesome!

A Scorpio woman is the sexiest and most mysterious of the twelve signs of the zodiac. She is exotic and magnetic, as deep as the sea, and, depending on her mood, as calm or as tempestuous. She is extraordinarily intuitive and will be keenly interested in the esoteric, or any occult or spiritual experience that offers some kind of deep insight. She is in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and is moved by the great tides and events of human experience.

15: Quality you look for in a partner? Cares about health and fitness, confident, kind and respectful, trustworthy and truthful, loving, fun

16: Favorite Quote? A lot of stuff off pinterest.

True Confidence has no room for jealously and envy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate.

I don’t want you to save me. I want you to stand by my side as I save myself.

People who love to eat are always the best people.

“To give anything less than you best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine

Steve Prefontaine USA

17: Favorite actor/actress? Pierce Brosnan, Sara Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock

18: Favorite color? Purple, I also like green and blue a lot too

19: Loud music or soft? Depends on what I am doing, I tend to jam really loud and sing in the car

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? A run or to get froyo or to my room

21: How long does it take you to shower? Not long, I’m usually in and out in less than 5 minutes

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Maybe 5-10 minutes

23: Ever been in a physical fight? Only with my sister when I was younger. That usually involved her pushing me down or shoving snow into my face in the winter.

24: Turn on? Wittiness, charming, runner, kind, manners

this guy :)
this guy 🙂

25: Turn off? Smoking, any drugs, laziness, bossiness, disrespect/rudeness, too much cursing, making sounds when you eat

26: The reason I started blogging? I read a lot of blogs and kept thinking about putting thoughts down in words and getting interactive with the blogs I read.

27: Fears? Not a big fan of heights, needles, creepy noises when I am alone. Other things like those I love getting hurt or sick.

28: Last thing that made you cry? Talking with my coach.

29: Last time you said you loved someone? Before I went to bed last night.

30: How did you come up with your blog name? I like to run and loveeee berries. I’m pretty selfish when it comes to blueberries being in the house, I don’t share. Sorry but not gonna change.


31: Last book you read? Reigning the River (for class) not too exciting.

32: The book you’re currently reading? Nothing right now. Just read that book for school last week.

33: Last show you watched? Pretty Little Liars, since I finished my other Netflix series I am catching up, I don’t watch many things when they actually air.

photo 2

34: Last person you talked to? Via text- Shane, on the phone- my mom, in person- Christopher (family I babysit for)

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My boyfriend, y’all know by now we have a strong relationship, three years and 1,500 miles got nothing on us. We basically started out as a long distance relationship; it was pretty crazy, but we went for it and I don’t regret a day since. It’s been worth every up and down, the distance, and crazy busy schedules.

36: Favorite food? Sushi, frozen yogurt, blueberries. All three!

yogurtland! and granola
yogurtland! and granola

photo 2

37: Place you want to visit? Australia. My mom has friends there. Plus if Shane and I end up in Japan he said we could go on vacation there!

38: Last place you were? Right now I am at the house I am babysitting at and before this I was at Whole Foods.

39: Do you have a crush? Just a little 😉

40: Last time you kissed someone? A week and a half ago when I was home. (edited- now that I am home again it was today!)

41: Last time you were insulted? Sessh it’s been a couple times in the last few weeks by my coach and teammate.

42: Favorite flavor of sweet? Chocolate… and salted caramel, ideally together!

43: What instruments do you play? Nada, my parents never got us into instruments.

44: Favorite piece of jewelry? My Tiffany anchor necklace and I now have an anchor ring (not Tiffany)

45: Last sport you played? Uhhhhh, no idea really. It has been awhile since ‘sports’ maybe last summer- Frisbee golf, badminton, tennis, basket ball, volleyball (all the sports during the summer)

46: Last song you sang? Currently singing along to Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips on my Itunes

47: Favorite pick up line? I am not sure if it was this run or you that just took my breath away.

-You can stop chasing your dreams. I am right here.

48: Have you ever used it? Nope, haven’t used many pickup lines during my time around the block.

49: Last person you hung out with? I did some core work with my teammate Sara this morning by coincidence of being in the gym at the same time. Last night I ate in the dining hall with my teammate Moses randomly both being there too.

50: Who should answer these questions next?

I know a lot of people hate when someone does this but… I’m not gonna pick anyone today. I am rushed for time and living in the moment 🙂 Feel free to answer any of these you want!


4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday?!

  1. Fun survery. It’s always lovely to learn a bit more about other bloggers. I’m not sure if you mentioned before, but is your man in the service & that’s another reason why your in a LD relationship? Or no? Froyo really can cure any sadness or anger, huh?! 😀


    1. Yes he is currently a student at the Naval Academy in Annapolis so in the fall he will get his service selection and then after graduation go to his first “station” which in his case will be more training school first. He comes from a military family so he knows the drill. Froyo can cure anything 🙂 at least for me!


  2. Loved getting to know you more! I liked the pics of you – you should post more of those on here! 🙂 I LOVE the song Waka Waka. And I think it’s amazing that you’re rocking the long distance relationship!


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