Thinking Out Loud #13

Hi-ya there! Hope you week has been going pretty well. I’m just gonna update you on the randoms I have been up too so far so thank you Amanda for another week of thinking out loud.


1. It has been so nice being home. Going back in 10 days is going to be rough! I love being able to cook what I want and sleep in with no classes, watching tv/dvr, my entire closet… everything about home πŸ™‚ except that my car is still in New Orleans…


2. Speaking of sleeping in, on Tuesday I slept until 10:30 am! I cannot remember the last time I slept that long. I was lacking in sleep the last week and drank something Monday that really upset my stomach and had me in pain all night so it was much needed. After being exhausted all day yesterday too I managed to sleep in until 8:30 am today. Yay for sleep!

3. I am also in need of an adjustment, luckily I got an appointment with the chiropractor today! Wooo. I love getting cracked! Especially after traveling.

4. Shane leaves for a big race today. The IC4A Championships in Princeton, NJ. He races the steeple tomorrow night. Hopefully he runs really fast! He is right on the line of qualifying for regionals and could use a second of two PR but the weather is not working in his favor for his race.

5. Waiting on final grades is so frustrating! Our grades were due on 5/10 and I’m still waiting on one to be posted! Also waiting for them to fix my summer school tuition because I was signed up for the wrong classes but changed them two weeks ago now. I will be getting an incomplete for my service learning from the semester (community service hours) but have already made arrangements to get that done while I am in summer school. I will be giving presentations on college athletics, nutrition, and academics to a public school summer camp.

6. The weather was awesome, mid 80s and sunny but our pool doesn’t open for another week :/ and then it turned downhill on Wednesday to rainy and cool out. I miss having access to the pool on nice days like at school but definitely prefer being home.

7. Ring Dance is on Saturday! Pretty excited I am able to go and get dressed up and take pictures πŸ™‚ Should be a fun night! and then we are all coming back to my house for the night… going to be crowded!

8. I finally updated my computer software and I HATE it! I do not like how the pages scroll and how the email works now 😦 Plus when my texts show up on my computer it’s kind of weird…

9. I’ve been obsessed with PLL (pretty little liars) I am working my way through our DVR now since my sister had the last two seasons recorded and I finished all the episodes on netflix awhile ago.


10. My dentist appt was painless yesterday. No cavities! Yay, just got a cleaning and apparently my gums are very Β healthy and then I got some new sealant. In and out in 40 minutes… not bad at all. I have had to wait for that long for my appointments before.

11. I’ve been a little too careless about wearing my boot this week while being out n about. My leg started to hurt when Shane and I were running errands the other day :/ ops.

12. After Shane made a very bland meal- see: leftover chicken, creamed corn, and steam able/bagged pasta and broccoli with cream sauce… yeah I had nothing to do with that. We convinced my mom to let us order some sushi. It was pretty late though because she had gone out to dinner and didn’t check her phone until she was done… worth it. Shane’s roll isn’t pictured but it was a pink wrap on a mango/shrimp roll.

photo 1 photo 2

That is all I got for today! Kind of a lot! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your week!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #13

  1. Sleeping in until 10:30 AM?! Oh girl! Teach me your ways! I consider it a good day if I can sleep in until 6, since 4:30 is usually my norm. Ugh. And it’s not getting any easier now that the sun starts rising a whole lot earlier. But look at me complaining about nicer weather πŸ˜† Can’t win, eh?


  2. Ok so jealous of you sleeping in until 10:30 am! I am on vacation and I can’t even sleep in past 7am haha it is just impossible!
    PLL too! I love that show it is so good! Hopefully you get caught up in time for the summer season πŸ™‚ Although it is getting a bit ridiculous for my taste haha


    1. I’m jealous of your vacation! My room is pretty much pitch black with no windows at home except in the summer I leave the door open or else it gets too cold being next to the storage room with the heater/AC (in the winter my door stays shut to trap heat) so a little light gets in from the other rooms


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