Weekly Workouts #39

Hello. Hope everyone is off to a great start of the weekend! I am! Yesterday after some morning rain and going to the gym with my mom we headed back home where she worked from her home office and I finished making a tie dye cake Shane’s mom bought a mix for and then in the early afternoon, after lunch, I headed off to Wegmans. I hadn’t been since Christmas break and was really wanting to go!


It is my favorite grocery store. I spent so much time wandering up and down the isles but got a lot of great stuff. I picked up a lot of fresh produce (blueberries, raspberries, bananas, beets, asparagus, carrots), hummus, gluten free french toast sticks, gingersnap bunnies (Annie’s), lemon Chobani, yogurt covered almonds, salt water taffy (for Shane), bai drinks, ginger kombucha, individual Justin’s vanilla almond butter packets, earth balance pb pops, plus some other things I am forgetting and an avocado that never made it into my bag (plus I paid for 5 yogurts even though I only got 4…) Then I went to the Target that was in the same shopping center to get a new razor and scored coffee that was 2/$10 AND buy two get one free so I got 3 bags of ground coffee (Archer Farms) for $10. I also decided to pick up some dark chocolate dreams pb too.

Finally, it was time to head home with the goods. I got home and unpacked then checked my email while waiting for my mom to finish up work. She logged out a little early and we headed out to get pedicures. I choose silver polish to go with the little bit of beading on my navy blue dress for Ring Dance tonight. We finished up at the nail salon just after 6pm and went to the shopping center around the corner to Brio to catch the end of happy hour for dinner. We ordered spicy shrimp and eggplant, eggplant fries, a side chopped salad for me, and she got a tomato/motz salad. It wasn’t too crowded and we were done by 7:15 pm.

photo 1 photo 2

From there I requested a stop into Lululemon in the same shopping center. I wanted one of the 105 F tanks plus just to look around. I picked out the tank in purple (my size is never on sale!) which I bought for myself and then my mom suggested some cute shorts to try on so she got my those and then got herself some crops that were on sale… love shopping with my mom šŸ™‚ We made it home with time to watch the recorded episode of 24 from Monday before she had a new episode of Grimm coming on. 24 is such a great show if you don’t watch it! I am glad it is back.

Now that is how Friday went and today is all about getting ready for the dance and for people coming over afterwards tonight! I hit up the gym this morning and a friend is coming over early afternoon to get ready with me. Shane is in charge of running most of the errants since it is his dance and he is the one that asked if people could come back to my house after since we live nearby… boys and trying to plan/get things done is quite amusing. He has been so worried about getting things done and of course the day before admits he needs help…

Sunday: 75 min elliptical, weights (full body)
Monday: 60 min elliptical, 2.5 mi walk, yoga class
Tuesday: 75 min elliptical, core work, weights (upper body)
Wednesday: 60 min elliptical, 3 mi walk, 25 min online yoga video
Thursday: 75 min elliptical, core work, weights (legs)
Friday: 65 min elliptical, 2 mi walk, core work
Saturday: 65 min elliptical, weights, 20 min bike

Totals: All cross training, 4 x weights, 3 x core work, 2 x yoga, 3 x walks (to and from gym/on treadmill)

It was just a nice week of being home. I really want to run but I am resisting as I have at least another two to three weeks off. It’ll be hard once I get back to New Orleans!

Now I am off to get ready for the dance. My friend will be here in a little bit. I need to finish cutting up watermelon and pull out pancake mix and stuff for the morning, and find extra blankets and pillows for people tonight! Trying to make sure everything is prepped so my mom doesn’t feel the need to be a host to Shane’s friends. I feel like this is my event even though I was technically invited to it… hmm how does that work?? I don’t mind as long as it is fun!

Have a great weekend!


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