Thinking out Loud #14

Hi there! Happy Thursday, almost the weekend for all you working folks. I have been pretty short on time on here while at home but I have been enjoying myself! Now that summer is sorta here(boooo summer school) I really want to get around to posting more recipes, tips, and valuable content. But that is not what today is for. It is thinking out loud with Amanda at Running with Spoons, so here we go.


1. I went to a spin class last night for the first time in a LONG time! I took maybe 10 minutes of spin classes twice last summer and decided I didn’t want to do it hah but yesterday I made it all the way through! I did 25 miles in the hour long class. I should really switch things up a little more but I like habit.

2. Then found out Shane’s coach took them across the Bay Bridge to run and my mom was still on 50 and needed to get gas/wanted to go into Sam’s Club and it was pouring rain where she was and starting to sprinkle where I was… so I wasn’t about to walk home in that with electronics. So I got the instructor to give me a ride home since it was already 6:40 pm and no one was home to start dinner. It did turn out well though, everything was very good!

3. I have been killing the Simply Protein whey crunchies the last week and a half. I won two giveaways with them. One large quantity from Kaila at Healthy Helper and another two bags (plus two bars) from Angela at Cow Girl Runs.

one of 8 bags I ended up with :) on bag 4 already
one of 8 bags I ended up with 🙂 on bag 4 already

4. I started packing some stuff into my bag to go back to New Orleans tomorrow and I am already sad :/ Time at home goes by way too fast! Hopefully the next 5 weeks of classes also go by fast 🙂 then just a 18-20 hour car ride home. Yuck.

5. I won another giveaway yesterday!!!! For a 3 month supply of Luvo meals from Whitney at To Live and Diet in L.A. Pretty excited, that will be really useful this summer when Shane and I are in and out of the house during the day. Plus it gets expensive to feed him! (I am scoring on those giveaways lately, so exciting.)

6. I did yogalates in Farragut Square in D.C. on Tuesday with my mom. It is free all summer. Yogalates on Tuesday and Pilates on Thursday! Then we went to Sweetgreen for dinner after before driving home. Always so good!

spinach and mixed greens, shrimp, sweet potato, beets, mushrooms, and broccoli
spinach and mixed greens, shrimp, sweet potato, beets, mushrooms, and broccoli

7. Yesterday was the first time in 3 years the Blue Angels few in Annapolis for graduation week. We watched them from a friends’ house. I used to watch them from the academy every year because we got out of school early for them.


8. Shane and I cleaned up my room yesterday after his stuff exploded all over. He had stuffed a bunch onto a shelf I cleared and into our storage room over the weekend and everything turned into a mess as he tried to get cloths out so I went through stuff to donate and made him more room… he wasn’t too excited to spend the morning organizing but I sleep better with a clean room.

9. I made up GF french toast sticks for breakfast yesterday morning… hadn’t had those in so long! They did not disappoint. I saw them at Wegmans and really wanted them. I also sautéed some bananas in coconut oil and cinnamon to put on top.


So there you have it! Some updates of my week. Hope you have a great one!


8 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud #14

  1. oh man. I’ve been so intimidated by spin. The only spin class I’ve ever done is Aqua Spin. And that’s mostly because I get to splash around in a pool for an hour. When the going gets tough, the tough pretend they’re a dolphin.


  2. I know what you mean by a creature of habit! I have been too with my workouts, but I have been mixing it up with some insanity and nike fitt workouts, and of course running, but I think spin is next on my list and hot yoga class is a must at least once this summer!
    Those french toast sticks look like the boom too 🙂


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