What I’m Loving Lately

Hey there! Hope you had a great week so far and are enjoying your Friday!

I have always loved reading about new things/favorites in peoples lives or their favorites of the moment so I decide to jump in on what I am currently loving. Well, a very condensed list but y’all already know some of my go to’s (lemonade vitamin water, coffee, nut butter, greek yogurt, froyo, sushi… hmm that is all food related 😉 oh well). Here are some more food things plus some others.

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries/Berry Season: I don’t make these really at school but seem to always do it when I am home! They are so simple, easy to make, and delicious. I even made some yesterday after my mom picked up a big container of fresh strawberries! She also bought two big containers of blueberries because I go through them so fast! Luckily they aren’t TOO expensive right now. We are going to go berry picking again when she comes to New Orleans in a few weeks too!
photo 1IMG_0017

2. Sleeping in my own bed. Even though I spent more time in New Orleans a dorm room will never feel like home. My bedroom is so me that I cannot recreate it. Luckily I will be subletting from a friend for summer session; meaning I will be staying off campus and it will feel a little more like summer and not the school year.
photo 2

3. New Nikes: I exchanged a pair of nike frees I was given at the store and a shirt my mom bought me for a gift card (because they couldn’t find the second size 7 shoe for me) and ordered them online later that night. Hopefully they get here before I go back to school! I think they are super cute. Plus I still have some money of the gift card that I will use at the factory store in New Orleans.

Nike Lunaracer +3
Nike Lunaracer +3

4. Dream Latte Caramel Coffee and Almond Drink: I found this at Wegman’s last week and LOVE it! It is so good but pretty sweet if you do not like sweet drinks! After being disappointed in the Califia version that I bought at Whole Foods in caramel and mocha flavors I was skeptical and only picked the caramel one to try and now I want the mocha too. It doesn’t replace my plain coffee in the morning but I like a few sips in the early afternoon.


5. Pudding: I forgot how good it is! We used to take them in our lunch boxes as treats in elementary and middle school. I have had mix sitting in the cabinet for the longest time and need it make it. I actually bought the pre made kind last weekend and have been enjoying it and will definitely make the mixes I have. Last year I made some using a pre made protein shake and it turned out great plus had an added boost of protein so I will most likely be making it that way again.

eating pudding in my dress
eating pudding in my dress


6. Yoga: I have made it to 3 classes this week! Pretty good for me. I really love it. There are more options at my gym at home than at school for when to take classes and the instructors are much better and the fee is included in my gym membership. My mom and I also hit up free yogalates in Farragut Square in D.C. on Tuesday. If you are from the area I recommend checking it out! It was a good class… and free. There is also pilates on Thursday from 5:30-6:30 pm.


7. This man in my life. Forget to mention yesterday it was our 3 yr dating anniversary, if you keep track of that! Can’t believe it has been 3 years and in one more we will both have graduated college! At the Naval Academy they call it the 2.0 club when they make it through dating the same person they were when they went in because they estimate only about 2% of relationships last. We are still going strong though. We didn’t do much to celebrate. My mom had planned dinner with our friend Ron since he was out of town last week and I go back to school so Shane and I got some sushi as a late lunch/snack due to some earlier complications with his school rules.


-Anyone else LOVE getting new shoes; especially if you don’t have to pay for them?!

-Any big plans this weekend? We are stopping by some USNA graduation parties this afternoon and then probably having dinner with my mom.

Stop by tomorrow for a short workout recap!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately

    1. I really like them! I just started wearing them this week to walk around but make sure to pick up my feet because dragging will make them wear out quickly since they are lightweight cause they are more like racing flats


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