Weekly Workouts #40

My last morning at home 😦 this afternoon I will be on my way back to New Orleans and I couldn’t even get a direct flight. I haven’t taken a flight that transfers in awhile when going to and from school, not fun!

Currently I am writing this as I wait for my flight in the airport. We are delayed by 10 minutes… not terrible. I lucked out with my bag being exactly 50 lbs too. Shane thought it was going to be overweight. I’m not even taking much clothes back to school but two lunch boxes of food and some snacks and stuff from Trader Joe’s 🙂

Well, I am short on time, hopefully we board soon so lets get into workout recap. Nothing very exciting.

Sunday: 80 min elliptical
Monday: 75 min elliptical, 1.5 mi walk, core work, yoga
Tuesday: 65 min elliptical, weights, yogalates (aka a ton of core work)
Wednesday: 60 min spin class, core work
Thursday: 65 min elliptical, 4 min run (to the post office 🙂 … gottta start somewhere), weights
Friday: 75 min elliptical, 2 mi walk, core work, quick yoga routine
Saturday: 75 min elliptical, 1 mi run

I really love the yoga class options at home and hope to make it a regular practice again this summer. I always feel so much better, physically and mentally, when I take the time for my practice.

Next- yes you saw a (1 mile) run in there today. I decided to jog to the gym early since it was my last morning home. I’m not going to jump into mileage again but it was nice to know I am healing since there was no pain. The doctor said 4 weeks off of running which is on Thursday. So I will probably wait until then to run again and just do maybe 15-20 minutes that day and then take a couple more days off or so. I’m just figuring it out as I go along and will go by how my body feels with no pressure of a competitive season coming up.

I really just want to enjoy running again, especially with summer being here! Have a good long weekend!!! And enjoy the lovely weather that is finally here!


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