Healthy and Portable Snacks for Busy Days

Hey there, this weeks time got away from me so fast, my days have been jam packed! The end of Friday is a nice feeling when you are done with school/work for the week.

Now that I am back in school for another five weeks and it is NO JOKE, I wanted to do a post on my go to healthy snacks that I take with me to class. I really have to plan ahead and pack my lunch box for summer school because I will be in class each day from 11 am – 4:30 pm with only two 30 minute breaks in-between classes. This does not leave me with enough time to make it home and back and do anything worthwhile there. I usually spend my break time either going to drop some of my books in my car, eating, or trying to start the reading for that night. So I will be packing all my snacks and lunch each day.

There is a dining hall, food court, and a little (over priced) store and a couple other places to get food but since I do not have a meal plan for the summer (and I might not sign up for one in the fall) I will be trying to avoid buying over priced food on campus by planning out my food and bringing it along.

So here are some of my favorite satisfying and delicious go to snacks:

  • Trail Mix: I have already pronounced my love of trail mix before. I usually make my own unless I find a perfect pre made mix, but this is hard for me because I can’t eat raisins or craisins. That being said I love raisins so if you like them go for it! My favorite mixes are cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnut and pecan pieces, semi sweet chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. Sometimes I add dark chocolate expresso beans to the mix too! (trust me its good and gives me a little caffeine in class later in the day) If you don’t want to make your own I have found Trader Joe’s to have the most and best variety of trail mixes that are so good! photo 2
  • Nut butter and banana/pretzels: For a class that I don’t have to take too many notes in this is perfect(or eat in-between classes). I love nut butter (as do we all?) So I either grab a banana or portion out pretzels or a mini bag to take with me to class. The individual nut butter packets are perfect on the go fuel that you can just rip open and squeeze out. When I don’t have packets I just end up bringing a jar and spoon with me to class and this often ends in many spoonfuls once the fruit/pretzels are gone but no harm done. photo 1
  • Greek Yogurt with protein powder/pb2/granola: I have posted this snack/breakfast with sides numerous times on here. I love the combination of all of the toppings on top of my yogurt. It is so good to take plain greek yogurt and add pb/protein powder and all sorts of toppings! Other options would be to take fruity flavors and add either unflavored or vanilla protein and a more simple granola.
  • Protein/Fiber Bars: We all love a good bar, am I right? I try not to eat too many of them but since I have started lifting more the last couple weeks I find hunger striking fast and often! I have eaten way more bars that I usually do. I personally really like Quest bars (I know not for everyone), Nakd bars, and Kind bars. But everyones taste is different so I would pick flavors and textures you like and also check the nutrition depending on when you are eating the bar either pre workout fuel, post workout, just a snack, etc.

    photo repeat but it serves the purpose
    photo repeat but it serves the purpose
  • Veggies/Chips and Hummus: This one can be a bit too crunchy in class but is a good option for in-between classes if I want to get in an extra vegetable depending on what lunch was. Baby carrots are my go to veggie because no prep work is need but other options are peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower. My favorite hummus is garlic or edamame hummus (Trader Joe’s) but I usually just buy whatever brand is on sale.
  • Protein Shake: It is easy to make if you have a water bottle and an individual packet of powder or if you pre portion powder into an empty bottle and just add water. I like to keep a mini blender bottle in my car with a packet of powder inside just incase I need it when I drive to and from practice or am on a long road trip. photo 3

And lastly if all else fails and you haven’t prepped anything. Grab a spoon and a jar of nut butter. It will NOT disappoint 🙂

I have eaten all of these this week! Plus random assortments of fruits and vegetables, overnight oats, leftovers… really whatever I have that I can take for lunch/snacks. I did not expect to be quite as busy as I am but I am starting to get the hang of managing my work. It is just  A LOT of reading and I am a very slow reader but otherwise it isn’t more than I can handle. This weekend I am planning to get a couple chapters ahead in one of my classes so I can enjoy my time when my mom is here (next Friday 6/6) and hopefully Shane is coming down Wednesday (6/4)!!! I am very good at getting my reading done by the pool if the rain decides to finally go away!


Any other easy portable snacks you like?

One thought on “Healthy and Portable Snacks for Busy Days

  1. Oh your trail mix sounds like heaven! I have to say my snacks sound so similar to yours lol I don’t think I would even add anything to the list!


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