Weekly workouts #41

I can’t believe I’ve only been back in New Orleans for a week, it almost feels like I never went home. One week of summer school down, only four more to go! Unfortunately the weather has been pretty nasty this week. Either humid or raining. The sun is welcome back at any time now. I work up at 6 am due to some rather large cracks of thunder and pouring rain.

I tossed and turned for another hour and half before I gave up and got up to make coffee and check email. I then just puttered around for a bit before deciding to walk to campus to go to the gym… then of course as I left my place it started raining harder (it had slowed to a little more than a drizzle) and by the time I got to campus my shoes and socks were socked. #majorfail but I didn’t want to drive because I was low on gas and wanted to be able to make it to Sam’s Club for gas. Which, I did as I am typing this up. I also picked up a few things inside before heading to target to get a few other groceries with coupons (and a target gift card) and a quick stop into Whole Foods for my yummy plantain chips that have replaced my veggie chip obsession and a suja macchiato before my coupon expired today. Usually when I am out at that WF I pick up these really good peanut butter dark chocolate almonds but the last couple times I have been they haven’t had them.

Next stop was the Nike factory store to see if there was anything I wanted to use my remaining gift card balance on. I picked a pair of mint green nike pro spandex with a navy blue waist band and only had to pay $3 (after gift card)! Now I have been back to my apartment and then headed next door to Starbucks (dangerously close) where I got an unsweetened iced green tea and need to do some reading and note taking for next week. Maybe I will get ambitious later and attempt baking in my new kitchen… the appliances are pretty old and the fire alarm goes off super easy as I have learned but I will make due for the next four weeks.

Sunday: 75 min elliptical, weights, 2 mi walk (to and from gym)
Monday: 65 min elliptical, core, 2 mi walk (to and from gym)
Tuesday: 65 min elliptical, weights
Wednesday: 75 min elliptical, core
Thursday: 65 min elliptical, yoga video
Friday: 65 min elliptical, weights, core
Saturday: 60 min elliptical, 20 min bike, 2 mi walk (to and from gym)

Nothing too exciting happened this week. I really wanted to go on a short run today 15-20 minutes but the rain picked up and I really wanted to get a workout in in the morning. I was hoping it was going to be sunny so I could just do my reading at the pool that is attached to the on campus gym after my workout but as you have heard that wasn’t happening either.

Well at least I am getting a head on my work so I can enjoy my time with Shane and my mom next week! I can’t wait! It is lonely here when not many other people are here to spend time with.

In a little more exciting news I received my vita cost package I ordered last weekend with some goodies in it yesterday!

bad quality but the sun was going down
bad quality but the sun was going down
perfect since I just finished off two jars of nut butter this week
perfect since I just finished off two jars of nut butter this week

Hope you have a good weekend!


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