MIMM #1 Things are Looking UP

Howdy, hope you Monday got off to a good start! I have never linked up with Katie from Healthy Diva Eats before but I figured now was a good time to start. The last week was super busy and so will the month of June but it is all worth it. So lets get started!


  • Shane is coming to visit on Wednesday and staying until the next Tuesday! Woooo. He is my favorite person to hang out with and the company will be nice since none of my other friends are really here. IMG_2129
  • My mom then comes in on Friday and Shane will be able to pick her up at the airport and we are going to Commander’s Palace for lunch! She has a business trip here and then leaves next Wednesday. 1149729_10201865583347117_1170063419_o
  • One of my teachers has a conference to attend so my last class from 3-4:30 pm each day is canceled Wednesday to Friday, perfect for having Shane and my mom in town.
  • The girl that was leasing one of the other rooms in this apartment moved on yesterday. She was perfectly nice but since I just moved in for the month and she has lived here for a year she had kinda taken oven so I finally have fridge space and feel like I can reorganize… except that apparently most of the kitchen stuff was hers, at least the cooking stuff so I might need to dig a few things out of storage soon.
  • Making more energy bites and pumpkin banana muffin tops for morning snacks before going to the gym. yumm. photo 1 photo 3
  • Going on a short run yesterday (15 min) and hopefully going on 2 more short runs this week 🙂 even though my garmin had some issues. photo 2

Those are some of the good things happening and what I am looking forward to this week! Make sure to check out everyone else’s marvelousness!


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