Thinking Out Loud #15

Hey, hey, hey! I haven’t linked up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud in three weeks now! Oops, the days just keep getting away from me but for mostly good reason… Mostly.


1. As of yesterday I am officially halfway done summer school! Woooo. I decided to go ahead and pass/fail one class because it just isn’t a subject I understand easily (music- like listening to instrumentation and styles) so it was really stressing me out and I haven’t used any pass/fail (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) yet when I graduate in December so I figured I would save myself the stress and my GPA the possibility of taking a hit from an elective.

2. Still have a lot of work though. Right now I should be finishing ( … Finding) my sources for an annotated bibliography that is due tomorrow but I decided I just finished homework for both my other classes so it was time for a little break first! 🙂 I have started I have 4 sources done but need at least 7 probably more. Anyone else find annotated bibliographies pointless?

3. Tuesday I had my moms credit card to get gas since all the driving I did was to pick her up and do stuff and then hit up Whole foods for a few things. It was my lucky day! After months of looking the nearest WF finally had my favorite pesto tofu again so I basically took all that was left, they had good sushi selections that I got for lunch yesterday, and after the further WF not having my favorite yogurt/chocolate drizzled pretzels when they usually do the closer one had them!! I got a bunch of those too 🙂

4. I have been spoiled by my eats the last week. We ate at a ton of nice restaurants that I cannot afford on my own and it was awesome. Also we hit up sucre a few times for gelato and macaroons. I HIGHLY recommend sucre if you are ever in New Orleans. It is a pricy dessert shop but oh so good!

just a few of the ones we ate... I think I have had 7 total? $2 each....
just a few of the ones we ate… I think I have had 7 total? $2 each….

5. After the pouring rain Thursday it was super nice out yesterday so after I was done with classes I went to the sun deck and did homework until 6pm in shorts and a sports bra. So much less stressful then being cooped up in my room all night.

6. Shane gets elbow surgery tomorrow to remove the pins! It should be quick but they still will put him under and is at least a week recovery :/ hoping all goes smoothly!

7. Last weekend I went into the kitchen to set up my coffee n such for the next morning and I screamed when I saw the cockroach that I had seen before and couldn’t  kill. Shane thought someone had broken in or something until I yelled bring a shoe! He managed to injure the dude and he flew into the stovetop where we then tried to burn him… hah didn’t quite work as planned so then we got an angle to smack him well and dispose of the nasty creature.

just incase you wanted proof
just incase you wanted proof

8.  My computer is STRUGGLING like big time. I get that little thinking circle all the time and it takes so long to do work because it freezes constantly. I hoping it lasts through the summer and I can get a new macbook in the fall. I wish they just weren’t so expensive!

9. On Saturday we were going to go berry picking but I hadn’t looked up the locations ( I just knew there were a ton in Louisiana) and it just so happened the closest farms were about an hour away sooo we scratched that idea and decided to go to the Zoo since we had never been to the one here. Sadly the elephant home is under construction and we missed the viewing times but otherwise it was a fun afternoon and there was a good selection of animals.

photo 1

10.  Last week on Thursday Shane and I decided to go to City Park to play frisbee golf. Well the grass on the course was pretty high and of course we both had low socks on. Well somehow I managed to get bit 4 times on my ankles!!! It was just bumps until the next afternoon they started to hurt really badly and I couldn’t sleep well that night. I was taking benedryl and by the next morning I headed straight into the training room to get them looked at. We don’t know what it was but I was having a minor allergic reaction to the bites which caused them to well up around my achillies where they were clustered. Luckily they were not infected so I have been cleaning them and putting cream on and hopefully they will finally be gone after the weekend! … so weird. And Shane didn’t get any bites at all!

11. Another thing pretty weird is that every time Shane visits we call and schedule him a cab with the company I have an account with down here.. the last 3 times (so Tuesday, spring break 2014, and spring break 2013) he has had the same driver every time! It isn’t that they have assigned a driver to my account either because I haven’t had him yet.. We might have even had him spring break 2012 but we had a 6:15 am flight so neither of us know who the driver was that year.

Well I think those are all the random thoughts I have for now! I cannot wait for the weekend! Hopefully the weather is nice (I don’t mind the heat I just want sun) so I can go to the pool and maybe get some work done there! Have a great Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #15

  1. Wanna hear something crazy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cockroach before… at least not outside of a museum bug exhibit anyways. And wanna hear something even crazier? I kind of want to see one just to see how I’d react 😆 I used to be terrified of spiders, but after having a basement room and having to co-exist with them for a couple of years, I think I’ve gotten over that fear. Don’t even talk to me about snakes though. Omg.


    1. You are so lucky! Those buggers are so nasty but unavoidable here :/ I had two in my on campus apartment during the last school year and there are so many outside around buildings and such. I am not a bug person!


  2. I’ve always wanted to go berry picking! I managed to check apple picking off my list a couple falls back so maybe this is the summer to try my luck at berries 🙂


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