Weekly Workouts #43

That time of the week again! The best part… the weekend! and workout recaps! with more running! I forgot to add milage last week but it is not like it is that much anyways. I am taking it very slow at this point since I found out I will be runnings cross country now in the fall I am not worried about summer milage but would rather build up to it during the season if need be instead of doing too much too soon. I have great cardio… I put in a lot of work so I would hope so and can run decent races without much training if any at all.

I wasn’t really expecting to run in the fall. I had fully accepted that I would be a “retired” collegiate runner but when I went to check in with the Dr. he told me my coach had changed his mind and he was told to have me ready to go for the fall xc season… yeah, thank’s for letting me know first coach. Well, it is not worth anyone argument or such, I am indifferent at this point. I love to run and hopefully can end on a good note instead of the upsetting last season I had but I am just going to let what happens, happen and after that I am going to be a college grad! So… slow and steady wins the race- at least the training cycle for those prone to injury 🙂

I am just committed to having fun and enjoying my last semester in college and as a competitive runner at the collegiate level! (Plus enjoying my summer too) Here is what my week looked like:

Sunday: 3.5 mi (25 min)
Monday: 2 mi (15 min), 45 min elliptical, core work
Tuesday: 65 min elliptical
Wednesday: 3.68 mi (25 min), core work, weights
Thursday: 45 min elliptical, 30 min bike, weights- boy is my booty sore! I didn’t even do the whole workout… I cut it down to just 30 sec/43 sec/ 30 sec because I needed to do some homework but they were not exercises I normally do hence the soreness!
I did this workout (modified) from Taylor Ryan at Lifting Revolution… I will try the whole thing next week and see how I do!
Friday: 65 min elliptical, core work, 1.5 mi run (10:30min)- funny story. It started to pour this morning when I was at the gym and again when I was in my first class taking a test. So after I finished my test I walked home dropped all my stuff and ran back to school (wanted to end on an even distance so ran a circle around two quads) and then got my bike that I had rode to school that morning. I didn’t want my books to get all wet which is why I walked home with my umbrella first.
Saturday: 75 min elliptical, weights

Milage: 10.62 mi
Year Milage: 728.37 mi

Other note- I am participating in The 30 Day ab challenge from Megan at The Lyons’ Share. So I have been doing core work everyday just more on the days I say core 🙂 working on that six pack… hah I wish! I had one sophomore year before I got sick but now all the digestive issues have taken the definition in my stomach most of the time. I have days where they are there but more so than not they aren’t. Oh well. I know I am strong and a good athlete and I like to enjoy my food and unfortunately have a IBD that causes some issues but I am working on staying positive! Defined abs aren’t what matters to me it’s the strength of them and my body which are there even if you can’t see them!

Check in tomorrow for Spill It Sunday!


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