Spill It Sunday #10

Hey there! Hope your Sunday is off to a good start! I am checking in with Arman for Spill it Sunday with some good questions from Alison at Daily Moves and Groves this week! Some of the questions had my stumped for a little bit.

The Big Man's World

1) What is your happy place? When I am home and with “family” I don’t consider my family to be really my blood relatives but the people that I can count on and love me for who I am. 1157695_10201887761781564_547887740_nDSC09423
2) What are you wearing right now? I am filling this out at the pool! There awesome clouds but it is warm and relaxing 🙂 so I have a bathing suit on.
3) Cookies or cake? Cookies for sure! I am not a big cake person and really don’t like frosting but cookies are almost always good!

Y'all know I'm obsessed
Y’all know I’m obsessed

4) Which chore/errand do you despise the most? I really don’t like vacuuming! Mostly because we have a big clunky one at home that is hard to et up and down the stairs and when doing the entire basement or first floor I have to switch outlets be ause the cord isn’t long enough.
5) What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Hmm tough one, in high school like 9-10th grade friends and i used to sneak out of her house to go hangout with our guy friends because one of them lived in her neighborhood so we would coordinate sleepover weekends… Yeah pretty badass? Hah. In the younger years at the same friends house we used to sneak out to go trampoline hooping. Note- she lived in a really safe neighborhood.
6) Brag and tell us one thing you love about yourself! I love my drive to succeed and also that I will always stand up for myself, sleek my mind, and never let anyone push me around. It has earned me a lot of respect and found me a great guy who treats me right because I wouldn’t settle for anything less.
7) Now tell us one embarrassing fact about yourself. Well there are probably a lot! Maybe the fact that when I eat things that upset my stomach I get terrible gas in addition to the pain and cramping… Yeah not pleasant.
8) Name three things on your nightstand. Well I don’t really have one… When I am at hotels I usually put my phone charging there at night, a water bottle, and sometimes Chapstick. I do have a dresser in my room here too that I have a bunch of stuff on top of like my Kurig, a dry eraser calendar, and notebooks for school.
9) You can ask a famous person one (and only one) question. Who is it and what is your question? Gah I want to meet so many famous people! I’m gonna stay from my usual people I would say (like Shalane Flanagan or any other runner) and go with Kelly Ripa and want to know how she got into being a morning show host! I love Live with Kelly and Michael (formerly Regis and Kelly).
10) Would you rather live in the breathtaking mountains or on a gorgeous tropical beach? That is a tough one but probably the mountains. I LOVE beaches but I don’t want the water washing up to my house and I don’t like houses on stilts that much or tourists all the time. I like my own space and that is easy to find in the beautiful mountains.

DSC09791 DSC09792

And the selfie!! Have a great Sunday! I am going to be camped out in my room or Starbucks all day doing homework/big assignments for the week. Booo. But it pays off to get ahead; makes my week so much less stressful.



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