Weekly Workouts #44

Hey there. Finally the weekend! I hope you had a good one… mine could’ve been better. I was sick Wednesday and my stomach hasn’t been great since. Not that I feel terrible but I have been very bloated, gassy, and just all around uncomfortable. Not idea why :/ hopefully it goes away soon. Because my stomach feels so bloated and full all the time I haven’t been very hungry either and get a lot of indigestion after I eat. Hope that isn’t TMI but I know we have all been there!

So my energy has been dragging a little since getting sick but I have kept the exercise low key and hopefully after this weekend I will be feeling completely better!

Sunday: 60 min elliptical, 4 mi (27:30 min), core
Monday: 75 min elliptical, core work
Tuesday: Alter g 5.25 mi (35 min), weights, 2:45 min plank
Wednesday: OFF- sick… barely left my bed 😦 did manage to do a 3 min plank though!
Thursday: 4.0 mi (27:40 min), 3:15 min plank
Friday: 45 min elliptical, 1 hour walk (while reading), core, weights
Saturday: 4.25 mi (31 min), 4 min plank

Milage: 17.5 mi
lots of planks, 2 x weights, 3 x cross training

Next week I will get one more run on the alter g before heading home and switching to 4 days running outside. It will be nice to get a break from the humidity and heat a bit before it hits MD hard for the summer. The weather down here in New Orleans has been HOT though, feel temps each day are above 100 F, which makes it hard to feel great on a run but I have felt good leg wise.

Have a great Saturday! I’ll be back tomorrow with Spill It Sunday!


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