Spill It Sunday #11

Hi everyone! I totally forgot about answering these questions until pretty late, at least late for me! This is usually a post I get done a little early to schedule but not today! C’est la vie!? Well it is Sunday and I am here to check in with Arman for the usual Spill It Sunday. I am also hoping the weather holds out so I can go to the pool to do my class reading this morning 🙂 I did that yesterday and spent roughly two hours at the pool before it just got too hot for me and lunch time was rolling around. That is one good thing about school in the South/Summer, you can do your work outside and tan, just make sure to wear SPF and not burn!

Otherwise this weekend has been very boring for me- reading, typing up posts, writing papers, working on a podcast project… yupp most of those are mentioned below, I believe. So, lets get to the questions.

The Big Man's World

The last….person you spoke to? On the phone was my mom (she disrupted my when trying to nap), in person was my roommate/ apartment mate?, text was Shane.

The last…sweet food you ate? Treated myself to some froyo last night after finishing my 8 page paper draft and working on some homework for Monday and a podcast project… it was well deserved! It had also been over a week since the last time I went; really good for me, but I had ice cream in my freezer and got sick… still saving money not going so often.

photo 2

The last…savoury food you ate? Mixed veggies with eggs and mozzarella, quac, and salsa. I’m working through the bits of what I have in my fridge; this week is not going to be very exciting at all.

photo 1

The last…blog you visited? Arman’s to link his website. Whenever I type them in they never actually link up :/

The last…blog you commented on? It was a giveaway entry… but I don’t remember what blog :/ and I delete my history every couple hours… someone else tweeted the link to it.

The last…recipe you tried out? I semi followed a smoothie recipe yesterday except that I used what I had and added a few things… so not really. hah, BUT smoothies are awesome is this 100 degree F weather!

The last…item you pinned on Pinterest? This Shirt. It is awesome! I’m hoping I can convince my mom to get it for me.

The last…TV show you watched? Episode of 24 from last Monday online

The last…trip you took? Besides going home between classes the last trip I took was Destin Fl for a long weekend.


The last…time you spent money and on what? Friday :/ I ordered a workout outfit from fabletics because I wanted the CAMO crops! (50% first purchase!!!) I also bought some froyo tonight but that was cheap.

those crops! (whole outfit)
those crops! (whole outfit)

Woooo. Yay for easy questions to answer this week! It is past my bedtime (yes I am trying this up Saturday night) and no I don’t have a social life so I spent Saturday night doing homework and getting froyo by myself… oh well. I have a lot of stuff to do for the final week of classes and most of my friends are gone for the summer. No Shame!

Have a get Sunday!

Ready for bed, exhausted!

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