Currently: June

Hey there so I totally missed May’s currently… but life is busy! So I am here to update you with June! Hope that is okay 🙂 Everything isn’t too much different than May since I am still in school and in New Orleans. It can be funny to look back at these posts though and see what I was loving and maybe rekindle some loves again!

Current Book: Well since my life is occupied by summer classes I have been reading Caribbean Currents and Foundations of Sociology every night… not fun.

Current Music: Since I have been taking a Music of the Caribbean class we have been going through all the different Countries/Islands. My favorite is Jamaica Reggae and I picked One Love by Bob Marley and The Wailers for my project. Plus his music has some great ideas/meaning behind it!

images-1 images

Current Guilty Pleasure: Taking afternoon walks and listening to music when I should be doing homework 🙂 everyone needs a little break here and there!

Current Nail Color: None on my fingers and only a little bit of chipped silver left on my toes… yeah gotta do something about that soon.

Current Drink: I tried a new flavor of Zevia a few weeks ago, grapefruit citrus, and it is really good! photo 2

Current Food: Those plantain chips listed below plus cashews (in trail mix or alone), dark chocolate espresso beans and lots of smoothies!!

photo 1

Current Obsession: Plantain Chips! Yummmm those things are good! And all the granolas 🙂 I love trying new kinds.

plantain chips with soy nut butter
plantain chips with soy nut butter

photo 3

Current Wish: For Fall semester to be over so I am a college graduate and back at home! My mind and body need a major break.

Current Need: A summer break, desperately. My brain is FRIED.

Current Triumph: Being able to start running but sticking to short runs only a couple days a week and being okay with that

Current Bane of my Existence: Having to do so many readings for class every single day! Ahhhhh. It isn’t even exciting stuff either.

Current Indulgence: Well not too many come to mind, my days are in all honestly pretty boring! But last month I binge watched Pretty Little Liars and now I am loving how most channels put new episodes online 24 hours after they air so I have been keeping up with that show and 24.

Current Procrastination: Making this sort of podcast project for my music class… I just sound so dumb on recordings.

Current Excitement: Going HOME! I start the drive Saturday morning and will make it to Shane’s house Sunday afternoon and home on Monday morning!

Current Mood: stressed :/ no way to avoid it with all the work due this week, tests and a 18 hr drive (ish) but excited to almost be done and heading home!

Current Link: because there is a chance of rain everyday this week/over the past weekend. Trying to strategically plan when I have to be outside to go to and from certain buildings or to and from home.

Reasons why I am happy my car sits up high
Reasons why I am happy my car sits up high
just a little bit of flooding from the rain
just a little bit of flooding from the rain

So those are my currents! Feel free to share any of yours! Can’t wait for What I Ate Wednesday tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Currently: June

  1. Ahh I keep seeing those chocolate covered espresso beans! I might just have to make my way over to trader joes today to try them out!


      1. Ahh yes!! I tried it on my mug cake and let me say I don’t suggest that haha it tastes so much better just plain cold out of the little carton!


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