What I Ate Wednesday #36

Hi! Happy Wednesday! I’m sure I don’t need to say this but this is my last WIAW at school for almost two months! Wooooo. I am so sick of some of the foods I have right now too but am eating through my fridge so I don’t waste food or money. I cannot wait to get home and have a good home cooked meal that is not food for one with the little amount of time I have when doing homework. It has gotten pretty boring. I take a bit of time to prep my meals for class the next day but dinners are usually thrown together. So here are some pictures!

1. peaches and blueberry protein pancakes 2. yogurt with cheerios 3.pumpkin protein cookies, 4.trail mix
1.salad with broccoli, veggie burger, mozz, salsa and quac 2. salad plus blueberry protein pancakes with pb.. didn’t form right 3. green chocolate pb smoothie 3. green chocolate smoothie w/ cereal and chocolate
1. yogurtland 2. trail mix and cereal 3/4. greek yogurt w/ chocolate pb & toffee pieces
1. apple and ab, pumpkin overnight oats 2. pumpkin overnight oats 3. pumpkin overnight oats with banana and chocolate 4. pumpkin banana oatmeal with greek yogurt, granola and chocolate chips
1. eggs w/ broccoli salsa and quac 2. carrots and hidden hummus, roasted potato, brussels and salmon 3. eggs, veggie burger, veggies, salsa and quac 4. eggs, veggies, salsa and quac
1. quest bar 2. banana and ab and hersey kiss 3. melon, yogurt w/ granola 3.green pb&j smoothie with cereals and granola

True Life: I have eaten way too many steam-able veggies, oats/yogurt (but I love yogurt), veggie burgers, salsa and guacamole in the last week! I am pretty tired of a few of those items but it is what I have :/ Unfortunately I will only have a couple home cooked meals before heading to xc camp where we will be eating in the Navy dining hall which is NOT good, but at least that will only be a couple days.

I AM loving my smoothie kick though! That last smoothie the green pb&j smoothie was so so good! I didn’t measure anything just threw in some frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen banana chunks, peanut butter protein powder, greek yogurt, and enough silk milk to get it too a blend-able consistency! Super good!

So there are some of my foods from the last week! I have definitely been a snack monster, eating more bars, peanut butter and everything, cereal and trail mix than pictured- basically each one everyday but in my defense its finals week!

Have a great Day! We are ALMOST to the WEEKEND, and home for me!


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