Thinking Out Loud #17

Hey there! Thursday already? You know what that means! Time for some thinking out loud with Amanda! Wooo. I love just getting everything out of my mouth in no coherent manner πŸ™‚

1. LAST DAY OF CLASSES! Yay! Booo to finals tomorrow though, three in a row is going to be rough! I am seriously considering going to get a do’sant for myself for making it though, I think this is an occasion I will risk the tummy ache.

2. It has rained everyday in the last week! Usually afternoon showers and lots of road flooding. So irritating when you go to leave class and it is pouring out.

3. My fridge I’m empty 😦 seriously lacking in food but not buying anything since I leave in T minus two days. I don’t want to spend money eating out either when I have some scraps I can throw together for so called ‘meals’.

4. Got my blood work back from last week, I knew it was okay but hadn’t looked at the results until I got a copy to take my doctor at home, and everything is good! My iron isn’t dropping too fast. I had the IV/Infusion at the end of January and now 5 months later my iron is at 72 and my ferratin is 62. Not too shabby considering last year I was at 23 iron and 3 ferratin.

5. I have now successfully killed 3 cockroaches in my kitchen… yes nasty. My roommate doesn’t seem to get she shouldn’t leave her dirty dishes out for 3-4 days because that attracts bugs; especially when it is pouring rain and they are trying to get inside.

just incase you needed a visual
just incase you needed a visual

6. After dinner last night (went out with a friend to catch up) I decided to hit up whole foods for some cookies from the ‘cookie bar’ for dessert and do some work there for a while… such a good decision! So many cookies were consumed yesterday! I need to majorly cut back on my sugar intake but have not been able to manage my stress well enough and sugar/snacking helps so once classes are over that will be dealt with.

plus a small carmelita bar and some cookies earlier in the day
plus a small carmelita bar and some cookies earlier in the day

So those are some of my random thoughts for today! I am super stressed about finals so I am off to study and then once those are done there is some major packing that needs to be done! Wish me luck on my LONG drive home (just another thing adding to my anxiety right now) if you cannot tell I need a break in a bad way. I have gotten past the point of irritable and am constantly stressed and cranky… it’s been a long couple weeks.So hopefully I can shake this once classes end!


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #17

  1. A cockroach?! Ermagherd. I like to think that I’ve made my peace with bugs, but I honestly have no idea how I’d do with roaches because I’ve never actually seen one. I’m pretty sure we don’t have them up here in my part of Canadaland, and I’ve never been “fortunate” enough to see one when I travel.


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