Weekly workouts #45

Hey there! I fully welcomed this weekend with open arms and a huge smile. You know why?? Because summer school is finally over! Hopefully by the time you are reading this I am on the road starting my long trek home. Today should be fine but I feel like tomorrow, day two that is an hour longer, will be rough.


This morning I got up, ate a snack, had my coffee, made sure my bags were all packed up and in the car. Then headed to the gym when it opened at 8am to get in a quick workout before hitting the road- breakfast and snacks all packed up too. I really wish the school gym opened at 7am on the weekends. 8am is just a little too late when you have a long day ahead of you. I wanted to save a shakeout run for after I got to Georgia to move my legs after being in the car for so long.

Sunday: 2.5 mi run, 60 min elliptical, core
Monday: 60 min elliptical, weights, 3:30 plank
Tuesday: 6.15 mi alter g run (40 min), 3:45 plank
Wednesday: 75 min elliptical, weights, core
Thursday: 60 min elliptical, 4.25 mi run (30 min) 4:15 plank
Friday: 65 min elliptical, weights, core
Saturday: 65 min elliptical, 4:45 plank & going to do a 20-25 min shake out run when I get to Georgia (so after this has been posted, thank you scheduling!) (est. 3.1 miles because then I end the week on an evan number)

Milage: 16 miles

I know I am really good about getting workouts in, I enjoy the gym, not just working out but the social aspect as well. I have met some really good people there but I really do miss being able to just go outside and run everyday. I want to be smart this time though; not that my last injury was really my fault. I have been struggling since I strained/pulled my groin last summer(getting out of the car), my hip has just been off ever since… so hopefully just taking my runs one day at a time will help and I have another two months until cross country starts. I am really excited to be able to start going back to yoga once I get home too! My school gym charges for ALL yoga classes in the summer so I was not going to pay for that on top of having to belong to our super lame gym and buying all my own food and gas… it just wasn’t going to happen, I can stretch and do some yoga on my own. But when classes are included I am all for going a couple times a week!

So I hope you are having a good weekend! I can already notice a change in my mood now that classes are over. A big weight has been lifted and I can relax for a couple weeks 🙂


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