Catching up Weekly Workouts #46

Hi there! I hope y’all had a great 4th of July and are enjoying the weekend. After hurricane Arthur rolled through Thursday, we mainly got high winds and lightning, the temps really cooled off making for a lovely holiday and weekend.

I didn’t entirely mean to disappear but when I got to cross country camp we found out the Internet in our hall had been shut off. There is no wifi to begin with so I brought a cable to connect then found out when they redid the Internet last summer it will only work for recognized IP addresses but then even Shane’s computer Internet stopped working… And he goes there. So major fail. We were also super busy though doing things with the kids.

I am having major bad luck with my body too. I have yet another issue and we can’t exactly figure out what happened. My foot is majorly swollen and hurts to walk on. I went over all my training with the trainer there and our best guess is I tried my shoe too tight and managed to get a bone growth spur?/buildup that that put pressure on my foot bones… Just my luck. So I already had an appointment with a foot dr in Tuesday to look at my orthotics and I will see what he recommends, if I should get an X ray or what. I really can’t catch a break; always the little things. Of this turns out to have causes a serious problem I will be calling my coach to rethink the fall. It just doesn’t seem worth it at this point to me. So here is what my workouts looked like.

Sunday: 30 min elliptical, 25 min run (after drive), weights, core
Monday: 75 min elliptical, yoga
Tuesday: 65 min elliptical,weights
Wednesday: 46 min run, 30 min bike, core
Thursday: 27 min walk/jog with an injured girl at camp, paddle boarding
Friday: 75 min elliptical, yoga
Saturday: 65 min bike, weights, core

Miles: ~ 11 before my foot started really hurting and got swollen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Besides my foot issues camp went really well. The counselors are all really nice, we had 8 people from last year come back to work it again! We all went out the first night to get some food once the kids went to bed, then hung around the hall Thursday night since it was raining off and on and we had been stuck running through the drown pour Wednesday night already. Thursday morning we went to Quiet Waters park for the kids run and some kayaking and paddle boarding before/after. Friday on the 4th we watched the fireworks from turf fields on the yard and after the kids were in their rooms we all headed out downtown to get some food and drinks. We ended up at Buddies Crabs and Ribs for food since they let in everyone and served alcohol and food. After that we just hopped around until making it back just before the gate closed (at 2 am). Safe to say the wake up that morning was rough. I didn’t drink much but I was exhausted! We were up at 6:30 to load the buses to the gold course for the kids “race.”

photo 2

Food the last week was boring and on repeat each day. I didn’t even bother taking pictures of most of it. There was a LOT of bananas and peanut butter, dry cereal, iceberg lettuce salad, and vanilla oikos greek yogurt… every meal for 3.5/4 days gets old! I also took a lot of snacks and ate an entire bag of trail mix there and convinced my mom to get me a panera salad one day that was awesome. Otherwise most of the meals I couldn’t eat at the academy and I had to stick to the stuff that is available at every meal because where you eat there is served family style and there are no choices. A few meals I was able to go to the kitchen and get the vegetarian meal but sometimes that included dairy so that was a fail too. Now, I am back home and eating many more varieties and loving it! Plus catching up on sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ we also went paddle boarding today and spent a little time at the pool yesterday! Yay for summer!

Hope y’all also had a great weekend!


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