Thinking Out Loud #18

Hey, Hope you week has been good so far! We are through the bulk of it and almost to the weekend! I missed last week but am here for some Thinking Out Loud with Amanda today!


1.  I had my foot doctor appointment on Tuesday. Not bad but no real answers. He took an X-ray and nothing is broken in my foot, which is good. But, that left us with not knowing what happened. All he could tell me what that I irritated the bone/joint where my foot flexes when pushing off the ground while running. So I have some exercises to do, he told me to heat, a compression wrap, and no running until I go see him again the week after next. They are also looking at getting me new orthotics since mine are pretty sad looking at this point.

2. We had the biggest zucchini and squash I have ever seen! I didn’t get a picture of the squash before my mom used it while I was at camp but I got the zucchini. I had never seen any this big, we got them from Shane’s sponsor family, and then I went to babysit on Tuesday and she had one the same size from her garden!

photo 1

3. After two failed attempts are going to The Protein Bar for a smoothie in DC I finally got one on Tuesday! The one by my moms office was closed on the weekends and then we went to yoga in the park on Tuesday and it had closed at 3pm during the week and the one by Farragut Square was not open yet. So I went in on Tuesday with a mission and got one after my dr. appt and of course the one by my moms office now has summer hours so it is open until 8pm and the one by Farragut Square was open. I had had the Monumentum smoothie before and it is so good with chocolate and espresso protein powder.

coffee chocolate protein smoothie
coffee chocolate protein smoothie

4. My mom and I were going to go to said yoga in the park again on Tuesday night but I got a babysitting request Sunday night and decided to take it for some extra cash.

5. Planning is very stressful. We are going up to New Jersey next week but my mom/family is going to a different beach than Shane’s and they weren’t supposed to overlap but then Shane’s dad had a meeting and changed their trip dates and then I got a job the weekend after when we were going to go up to Larchmont, NY so then my mom was trying to go up to NY before the beach and Shane doesn’t want to go… and OH MY! I am being put right in the middle and it is hard since I just got home but Shane also leaves for XC camp on Sunday (July 20th) until August 1st. I am trying to split my time evenly but it is very complicated especially since Shane isn’t taking a car up and I wasn’t planning to either.

6. I got one of my teammates who lives pretty close to me to meet me at my gym for yoga on Monday night! It was super nice to catch up, do some yoga, and hit the sauna after class. I had a box of her shoes in my car to give her too that I drove home from school for her.

7.  We were in Target on Monday picking up a few things and I saw these chocolates! I had seen the Cinnamon Crunch in the airport in Cali and had been looking for them since so I just had to get them 🙂 they were super over priced in the airport.

photo 2

8. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Abe’s Market the last week of classes and only had to pay 39 cents! I got a $20 coupon code and it was free shipping that week so I picked out just enough that I wouldn’t have to pay much 🙂 score! I got some trail mix, kolat espresso hazelnut nut butter, almond cookie thunderbird bar, raspberry lemon bearded brothers bar, and go raw chocolate super cookies.

9. Speaking of that nut butter above. It is AWESOME! I mention it again tomorrow so you can check that out. I have stocked up on nut butter since I got home. I picked up Earth Balance coconut peanut spread, Justin’s vanilla almond butter (was on sale at target!), the Kolat nut butter, I won some chocolate nutzo plus we already had TJ’s almond butter and cookie butter and I got some super crunchy skippy peanut butter at king hall. They leave jars out on the tables at all times so we took one back to our room to have with snacks. Some people give me a hard time about how much nut butter I eat, but y’all understand, I hope?!

photo 1

10. I have been in love with the smoothies lately! Since summer school I have been craving smoothies and bowls all the time! I got that one above from The Protein Bar, plus went to jamba juice multiple times, and have been making my banana/berry/pb smoothie a couple times a week. They are perfect for on the go or on hot days!


I think I have rambled enough for today! Thank’s for letting my get that all out and letting you know about some things in my life lately. I am working on some things I’m loving for tomorrow!


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