Things I’m Loving #3

Hi! I am back with another update on what I am loving lately! I have some new good finds on the food front 🙂 as usual, hah. But that is not everything I am loving so here they are.

1. Fabletics camo leggings: I ordered these a few weeks ago when I was finishing up school and love them! It was a few days before lulu lemon came out with camp wunder unders but I think I will wear the grey/black combo more than the green so I wasn’t bummed. Also they cost less so that is a score too!

2. Kemps Sea Salt Caramel Turtle frozen yogurt: this stuff is AWESOME! I hadn’t seen this flavor at the store before but found it last weekend when shopping with my mom and it is AMAZING. I highly recommend it if you see it.


3. Kolat Espresso Hazelnut Fruit & Almond Butter: YUM! This nut butter is really good. I had seen some other flavors around the web before and they were sold out of the blueberry cinnamon walnut so I went for this one and was not disappointed.

photo 1photo 1

4. Blueberries!: I love, love, love blueberries and I also love how they are in season so they are big and yummy tasting plus not too expensive.

photo 2

5. Berry picking: Sadly it is not blueberry season anymore but we were just going for fun and picked blackberries. They are super yummy and were only $2.99/lb.

photo 3

6. Yasso Salted Caramel Bars: I saw this flavor first on the Today show and had to find them. I had tried some other flavors before but not this one! So good, with 6g protein and only 100 calories per bar they are a score!

photo 1

7. Paddleboards/Paddle Boarding: I want one of these so badly! They are so so so much fun! I have done it a handful of times now and really want my own. I am aiming to try and get one around graduation/christmas if I am lucky! I also want to try out a paddle board yoga class this summer. I can barrow a board from someone I know and that way the class is only $10.

Well I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to a good weekend and then some beach time starting Monday! I’ll post my weekly workouts tomorrow (on time this week) so look for that! A lot of more classes since I have been home 🙂


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