Weekly workouts #47

Hey there! Hope your Friday night was good and you are having a relaxing weekend thus far. Mine hasn’t been too bad. Yesterday Shane slept in late and ended up going to a park to run right in the middle of the day after I had finished at the gym so I took their dog, Sammy for a walk while Shane ran and then his dad left work a little early so we could all go out kayaking since the weather was super nice. Then we went out to dinner. We left Shane’s house this morning and headed back to Annapolis. I prefer my gym at home so I wanted to workout there and then at 1:30 pm I have an appointment to get my car serviced. So we will drop it off and walk across the street to the town center for lunch.

Usually I cannot get wifi at the gym on the Navy base but they added a service you make an account for and can get free wifi but most of the usual sights are blocked so it was pretty annoying… better than nothing though because my phone service was shut off because my dad hasn’t paid the bill. This is the third time it has happened and it always super annoying. For the first time I am not at school though which is nice. I don’t rely on my phone as much.

We are supposed to have nice weather all weekend so I am hoping to spend some time outside either at the pool or on a boat. Then we head up to the beach on Monday! I really wish I was able to run but I want my foot to get better; my next appointment with the pediatrist is 7/22. I am able to get a new pair of orthotics so I will be getting a new mold and hopefully my foot will not be swollen or hurt anymore by then.


Sunday: 75 min elliptical, core, weights
Monday: 60 min spin (23.5 mi), yoga
Tuesday: 75 min elliptical, weights
Wednesday: 63 min spin (23.6 mi), core
Thursday: 45 min bike, 45 min elliptical, yoga
Friday: 20 min stair master, 15 min bike, 45 min elliptical, core, 90 min kayaking (totally a core and arm workout)
Saturday: 75 min elliptical, weights

I switched up my workouts a lot more this week and really should more often. It is so nice being home and having access to all the classes without extra fees so I will take advantage of that while I am here! I am trying to find gyms in New Jersey for when we are at the beach next week since I cannot run and don’t have a road bike I could take with us.

Now I am off to enjoy the day! I hope you have a good weekend!


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