What I ate Wednesday #40

Hey there. I’m still alive. Enjoying some summer days plus I had a super busy weekend of work in DC. My hours were 7am-4pm and on Friday and Saturday night I stayed with a friend/roommate for the fall in Arlington to cut my commute. So Saturday we spend the night catching up, planning for the fall, and she was packing for the beach.

Then Sunday after I got off work I had to drive home, I went to the gym but it closed at 6pm. Once home I needed to sort laundry for my mom and unpack my stuff, I helped prep veggies for the week and make dinner, and she had gone shopping at Woodbury commons so I got some goods 🙂 Monday was a major sleep in day for me. I didn’t wake up until 9:15 after terrible sleep for the past week. I also cleaned up what I did not do Sunday night, went to yoga and out to dinner with my mom and her bf and daughter

Tuesday was another early morning because I had a doctors appt in DC so I left with my mom when she went to work. We stayed in town pretty late and went to 530 Pilates in the park. Since then I have been trying to deal With some computer issues… It is super slow & won’t load anything. My iPhoto keeps crashing and iPhone won’t connect to the computer… #technologyproblems. So because of that I am now typing this up from my phone!  Other things I have accomplished today are picking up dry cleaning, doing my car emissions test, lunch with my dad, and about an hour of sun time while reading a magazine.

That’s my update on life! Now here are the food pictures for Jenn’s WIAW.








20140723-140914-50954084.jpgSorry no captions since I am on my phone but pretty much the usual, yogurt bowls, fruit, lots of salads, fish, cereal, smoothies, and some brownie sundaes w/ frozen yogurt. We also had HUGE awesome elephant ears while in LBI (NJ) but I will share those later!

Hope you are having a great Wednesday and have good weather! It is HOT and HUMID here but at least the sun is out.



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