Another Week Done

Is it bad that I am only about 1/3rd of the way done the semester and I am already counting down the weeks done verse weeks left? Well it is a long one! My days sometimes feel never ending and once I complete one weeks work it is time to start the next weeks! I am having the first round of tests too at this point meaning all my ‘free time’ is spent studying. Luckily Fall Break is only a week and a half away! I cannot wait to go home and relax. I have scheduled a hair cut (my hair reaches the top of my butt officially), a chiro appt, and will be getting a pedicure  🙂 all the things I haven’t done at school! Plus other plans involve going to the pumpkin patch, sushi night, and yoga!

The things I have kept up with this semester is core work! Some teammates and I have been meeting every couple of nights at the gym to make up new core routines. So I have one to share with y’all! I also got cleared to start lifting weights with the team next week! Wooo, kinda weird to want to go to practice since I am disqualified and have to work but weights is such a good stress relief and I have put so much effort into this team and they are all my friends it’ll be nice to be able to go. I also baked my trainer/the training room some pumpkin muffins Thursday night that I took in Friday morning before I had bloodwork done because they have done so much for me over the years.

photo 1

Other wise this weekend is not too exciting but VERY busy. Yesterday I told my family friends I would be at their house when the kids got home from friends houses/sporting events since they were going out to dinner so I headed over there early to do some laundry and then left for dinner with two friends. We went to a nearby Ethiopian place, yummy!

photo 3

I spent the rest of my time last night working on some homework assignments. Then today I had community service from 8-3 about 30 minutes away. I was up at 6:50 to make sure I got all my stuff together and make coffee. I was working at a tennis tournament for a local non-profit organization/after school program for middle school kids. I got back to campus around 4, unloaded my stuff, went to the gym for a quick workout before showering and getting back to homework. (exciting stuff right??) I made myself an awesome salad for dinner though and got two assignments turned in on Blackboard!

photo 4

Tomorrow entails a morning workout including core work. Then work at a volleyball game from 1130-4ish (whenever it ends) and work for the athletics department from 530-830. I’m lucky tomorrow because it is the international students dinner at a Mexican burrito place that I get to ‘rep America’ for because I work for coordinations/one who runs the different groups and events.

Other fun stuff???!! I got this in the mail last week along with some vitamins from Amazon and a couple giveaway prizes 🙂 (Free Arctic Zero coupon and Blue Diamond Almonds!!)

photo 2

That’s my story, what’s yours? Have a great weekend!


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