What I Ate Wednesday #43

Hi there! I am a little late getting this up but better late than never? I thought about typing it up a few times but with all my tests and papers I couldn’t focus on this. Now that I am done though, I can relax a bit! I have a flight in a few hours home for fall break and could not be more excited! The semester is officially half way over!!! Woooo. That is not what you are here for though so lets get to the WIAW fun!


pumpkin banana oatmeal with chocolate chips and pumpkin spice
salad with quinoa/brown rice, kabocha, broccoli and nutritional yeast, plus some pizza in the back that i ate the crust of
nutella and banana waffle with french fries…. healthy no? delicious yes!
salad with salmon, broccoli, kabocha, quinoa/brown rice and nutritional yeast
veggie bowl with fake chicken and nutritional yeast and hummus
pumpkin english muffin w/ peanut butter and coconut butters- pumpkin and chocolate flavored and peaches
yummy pumpkin banana bread that lasted all of 4 days w/ cookie butter on top!
pumpkin and chocolate yogurt land
salad with tilapia and tomatoes, eaten with 2 unpictured subway cookies ๐Ÿ™‚


break-fast for yom kippur
eggs with spinach, smoked salmon, salsa and some of that pumpkin bread w/ pb
this was on a very stressful day, pumpkin and chocolate yogurt land
salad with tilapia and veggies with hummus
do yourself a favor and go buy this!!!
berry banana smoothie w/ cereal
salad with fake chicken, nutritional yeast and a purple sweet potato with pumpkin pb and coconut butter

So that’s the pictures I took from the last week! I cannot wait to go home and get a little more variety! hah, I have been eating all the carbs lately… the day of the waffle and fries, I did not eat a single vegetable, ops. But I had a could fruits and the school waffle truck came to the athletic building after weights and we each got it for free! So obviously I did not pass that up and it was so good!

I hope you enjoyed my eats lately! Have a great week! I am off to finish packing and leave for the airport! My mom is bringing my sweetgreen when she picks me up ๐Ÿ™‚ since it is only two blocks from her work and she is coming straight from there!


2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #43

    1. it was really good I loosely followed Arman’s recipe @ The Big Man’s World! Nutritional yeast tastes kinda cheesy like, but since it is flakey it is dry, all in all it is good and adds an extra nutritional punch to your food and a little flavor if it is otherwise lacking

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