MIMM #2 Home!!!

Hi everyone! I am not one to usually post MIMM posts but I figured it was necessary because I spent an awesome weekend at home! I am sad to be on my way back to school right now but it is the home stretch, half of the semester left! So thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Life for this great link up!


1. Pumpkin Patch fun! I love pumpkin patches but don’t usually get the chance to go at school. So I got a cute little pumpkin for my dorm and then we got two bigger pumpkins!

2. Lots of good food and grocery shopping! I will recap all the good eats Wednesday but there was sushi, kabocha, pumpkin greek yogurt, candy corn popcorn, and tons of other good stuff.

We saw this on the way to dinner Friday night
We saw this on the way to dinner Friday night

3. Pampering 🙂 I got a pedicure Thursday afternoon, a chiropractor appointment and a haircut Friday. Things I haven’t really found the time for at school but were nice to have done. My hair was super long and needed a few inches off.


4. Sleep! I believe I had mentioned I was struggling in the sleep department the last couple weeks. Insomnia is not fun, but I was able to get a decent amount of sleep in my pitch black room and comfy bed plus the lack of school stress helped a lot too.

5. Fun Packages. I had ordered a couple things off amazon a little while ago and shipped them to the wrong address so I finally got my laptop cases (hard shell and soft case) plus some pants and fleece leggings from White Plum!

6. The best Birthday Present Ever! My birthday is not for another month but because I will not be home until Christmas my mom told me and showed me my present. She got me a paddle board!!!! I am so so so excited to have it and use it next spring and summer! It is a board that is suited for yoga too with lots of grip and a little wider.

7. Spin class! I used my gym normal gym this weekend and went to spin classes Friday and Sunday. I had missed them, they go by so much faster than normal cardio, but at school you have to pay extra and the classes are at awkward times for my schedule.

I will be back Wednesday. Hopefully my travel day is going by easy and everyone is having a good Monday at work/school! ETA- bag check took 45 min, security took 30 min, I missed my boarding group but am on the plane at least!!!


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