Weekly Meal Plan

Hi there, life is crazy. I don’t know how many times I can say that but it is true.

I decided to try and plan out my dinners/meals this week. I keep getting stuck in a rut where I either snack too much, especially in the afternoon, or don’t know what to make for dinner. I am linking up with Laura from Mommy Runs Fast for my meal plan! I love looking at everyone else’s; thought I don’t have any fancy recipes planned this week- I am keeping it super simple with easily prepped stuff!


Greek yogurt, fruit and nut butter, pancakes
trail mix, pretzels and nut butter, popcorn, fruit
Any assortment of veggies, quinoa/brown rice, proteins and hummus/avocado
Monday: salad with veggies and cajun spice salmon
Tuesday: sushi happy hour at Chiba for my birthday
Wednesday: waffle truck! Is been 3 weeks since I got one so it’s time for one, plus it is free
Thursday: salad with leftover veggies and fake chicken protein
Friday: FAQ (Friday at the Quad/Homecoming tailgate) lots of food venders that are free for students!

Dessert: (cause life is too short not to have something sweet!)
Pumpkin Pie!
Frozen Yogurt (because I am addicted) –they got in a new Cookie Butter Flavor today! Must Try
Dark Chocolate

That is actually what I usually eat at school but I want to make sure I don’t snack through lunch, which is what happens a lot when I don’t plan ahead and pre make food for the week since my class schedule is pretty busy and I end up eating in class a lot (when the teachers don’t mind) or quickly before running in the door. So This week I got some salmon cooked, some veggies roasted, quinoa/brown rice made, and salad chopped! Now I am heading into the kitchen to make my salad bowl for dinner and a pumpkin pie for tomorrow 🙂 since it is one of my favorite desserts!

I’ll be back Wednesday with a WIAW! Birthday Edition hopefully!


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