Thinking out Loud #19 NOLA

Thursday already?! I have not shown my face words on this blog on a Thursday in such a long time. Thursday are my busiest school day. I have four 75 minute classes in a row from 11-445 pm and then work from 5:30-8pm. So there is not much extra time in the day. I make sure to pack my lunch, snacks, dinner, and all my stuff for class Wednesday night so I am prepared. But today I wanted to post TOL style so I am linking up with Amanda over at Running with spoons.


The topic I wanted to post about was What I will miss about NOLA (New Orleans) since I have only a little over a month left down here for school before I move back to Maryland. Crazy, right?

1. The weather! Except for the fact that we are also enjoying this cold front (sarcasm) the fall has been very mild. I was tanning until about 2.5/3 weeks ago because we still had weather in the 80s. It was even in the 70s just yesterday! I love being able to wear shorts outside and carry and sweatshirt for the mornings/nights. I am not ready for a full winter.

2. Being able to bike everywhere! New Orleans is such a biker friendly city. Most roads are big enough for cars and bikes, a lot have make bike lanes, and if not cars aren’t too rude because smaller road speed limits are slower. I bike down to the French Quarter, I like to Starbucks, to the grocery store, to yogurt land… I could go on! I have only put gas in my car twice this semester and did not even fill my tank/the second time was last week so I have 3/4 of a tank now.

3. Speaking of gas… I will definitely miss gas prices. I got gas at Sam’s Club last week for $2.54, crazyyy. It was so cheap!! 10 gallons ish for $26. Even if I didn’t bike every where I still wouldn’t go broke paying for gas here.


4. Good Friends: I mention it on here a lot but I have really close family friends down here that have truly become my second family during my time here. The kids (I also babysit them) consider me their older sister, the parents value my opinion, respect me, and truly show me family love and kindness. I know they will miss me a lot and it will be strange not watching the kids grow up anymore, at least not on such a frequent basis. There are also a bunch of other school friends that will be weird not too see all the time anymore too.

5. Being an ‘athlete’: I know I will always have that athlete mentality but when going to the gym or on a run I won’t be the (previous) track and cross country star. I’m not trying to brag but I came into our program at a huge time, my freshman year was the first year post Katrina with 4 year graduating seniors in athletics. I played a big role in my sports ‘come back’ as a competitive team and helped transform the atmosphere of commitment. I feel like I made an impact and I was one of the athletes that everyone knew both students, coaches and staff.


6. Workout Buddies: Yes I know I can find these anywhere but here I go to team weights twice a week (usually), I always have teammates asking if I wanna meet up to do core or aqua jog and often see friends or teammates on bikes or ellipticals at the gym cross-training.


7. And of Course the FOOD! New Orleans is known for great food, there are solo many restaurants, so much awesome unique foods, especially king cake during Mardi Gras which y’all know I love. Plus tons of fresh seafood, yummy biscuits, lots of breakfast places and really anything you could ever want.

ethiopian food at Nile
ethiopian food at Nile
Sucre Macaroons
Sucre Macaroons
Dat Dog specialty hot dogs
Dat Dog specialty hot dogs
Rum House Tacos
Rum House Tacos
Tulane Crawfest!
Tulane Crawfest!

With all that said, I stand by my choice to graduate early. I have put so much stress on myself here and health-wise it was the best decision I could have made for myself. I get some time at home to figure out what I want to do next, not worry about money for once, and focus on myself for a couple months. I don’t care that people judge me for not being concerned about applying to jobs now or for moving back home. I already have a lot on my plate right now and the job hunt is not a priority, I have to work because of my scholarship, I have to work to get paid money to buy food, and I am taking 19 credits that I want to pass and pass with good grades. Stress is an understatement of this semester so graduation is coming with open arms.

New Orleans, Tulane, college had been a great experience and one that everyone should go through (college education is recommended obviously) so I am glad I have been able to finish, finish loan free, and more focused on making myself happy than just making money, which was one of the bigger thoughts going into college… how can I get rich, blah blah blah.

I hope I haven’t rambled too much! I really recommend taking a visit to New Orleans if you ever get the chance! You will have a blast, it is a unique city with so much culture, and if looking at colleges Tulane is really awesome, I have just finished with this experience and am ready to move on to the next chapter.


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