Meal Plan Week 2

Hi! Hope your Sunday has been good so far. I am at Starbucks for the second time this weekend working on some papers and what not for school. Yesterday I got coffee spilled all over the sleeve of my white sweatshirt so today’s trip has been better already since I avoided that. I also used my free reward to get a wrap that was super good, I get the spinach, feta and egg white wrap and pick out as much feta as I can. The wrap is so good so I don’t mind the extra work.

Otherwise my day has not been too exciting or anything unusual. I slept until 9am, but I slept pretty poorly most of the night, then got up and watched 2 hours of Sex and the City while drinking coffee and eating cereal with almond butter. Lazy Sunday’s are the best, aren’t they? After that I motivated myself to go to the gym and did some reading on the bike for my ebio and sociology classes. Headed home to shower, packed some snacks and biked to Starbucks where I am now chatting with you.

wrap and pealed satsumas
wrap and pealed satsumas

But back to the real purpose of this post… It is time to plan my meals for the week (as I type this). I did some grocery shopping yesterday so I have all my staples on hand and can plan from there.


Breakfasts: greek yogurt w/ granola, roasted plantains, satsumas, oatmeal, smoothies

Snacks: trail mix, popcorn, cereal, fruit, carrots and hummus

Lunches: Starbucks wrap (today), salads, eggs

Sunday: Salad w/ sweet potato, pesto tofu

Monday: Brinner- eggs w/ veggies and salsa

Tuesday: Work team building- they are feeding us Raising Canes but since I don’t eat meat I will pick up some sushi from the food court probably

Wednesday: Waffle Truck 🙂 Last week I added sweet banana eggs inside for some protein

photo 1

Thursday: Work- will pack a salad with salmon, sweet potato and any extra veggies

Friday: Shabbat dinner- aka eat all the food! So many roasted veggies, salad, hummus, challah bread

That is the tentative plan for the week. Seems pretty good to me and not too complicated. I picked up fresh lettuce, plantains and pesto tofu yesterday and then already have plenty of yogurt, satsumas, sweet potatoes, frozen fish, frozen fruit, and all the other staples to last me through the week. I really want to make sure I eat through everything I had in my freezer and fridge because today makes ONE MONTH until my LAST FINAL!!!

photo 2

Incase you are starting to worry about finals too 🙂

Thanks to Jill and Laura for the linkup!


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