Thinking Out Loud #20

Soooo… I have no thoughts on an intro today so lets get into rambling with Amanda for this weeks Thinking Out Loud! Sound good??


1. I signed up for Elf for Health with Lindsay and Elle for the first time! I am pretty excited.

The Lean Green Bean

2. I finally caught the cold going around 😦 and boy did it hit hard! I knew my throat was getting dry/sore over the weekend so on Monday I got some medicine from my trainer that I started that night and I woke up Tuesday feeling AWFUL! I have been spending a lot of time doing school work and it has gone through the team 2-3x already so I am lucky to have missed it thus far but am surprised how quickly I went from mild sore throat to foggy head, runny nose, sore/dry throat, etc. I am hoping it doesn’t take too long to pass because I go to bed between 10-1030 every night wake up around 730 am, I eat really well (for a college student), I have an overall good immune system so we’ll see! I drank some thermaflu tea that usually helps a lot, am taking some cold medicine, drinking green tea, eating oranges and pumpkin (as if I wasn’t already ha), and making sure to wash my hands and things a lot.

3. I am buying a spin bike!! My gym at home has been saying they were getting new bikes for a couple months now and I thought about hmmm maybe they would sell me an old one, well I asked around and there was a list of who wants to buy them! So I called on Monday and got myself on that list and the price is awesome. They said around $200 is what they were thinking. Since this winter is calling for a lot of snow it will be nice to have a bike at home. Shane and I really wanted a treadmill but year-round the bike will get more use since we both prefer to run outside. A spin bike is also MUCH easier to transport when moving.

4. I hurt my foot… again. Well different foot this time, and it is already a lot better than it was but still! I woke up Saturday with my heel really swollen and it hurt to put any pressure on it. So I went to the trainer and had them look at it. They were pretty confused, I said I should be a diagnosis test case since I have every and all ‘injuries’, and they were looking up different muscles and bones and stuff to try and figure out what it was. They think I just bruised my fat pad in my heel so they taped it, gave me heel inserts and some circle pads to disperse the pain… I stopped wondering how these things happen to me, running or not something seems to get irritated. Maybe the bike is really the best idea after all, huh?

5. My car got scratched a second time 😦 no note or anything of course. I biked to the bank on Monday to cash a check that wouldn’t edeposit for me and as I was biking back to campus I passed my car and noticed someone scratched the back drivers side pulling out. So irritating.

6. I’ve done a good job of getting about half of my Christmas shopping already done! I like to split up the costs/bills over a couple months. But I have no idea what to ask for myself :/ anyone have that problem?? Any good ideas?!

That is all I got for ya this week! Some of those were a little long and I should get back to work, per usual. The countdown to the end of the semester is on! Have a get day. It is almost the weekend!

Any big plans? I have some karaoke sushi on the agenda for Saturday night πŸ™‚


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud #20

  1. Aww sorry to hear that you came down with a bug, girl! A lot of people have been saying that lately, so I guess there must be something going around. Feel better soon! And I’m just a tad bit jealous to hear that you got so much of your Christmas shopping done already… I usually wait until the last week to start mine πŸ˜†


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