Weekly Meal Plan 3

Hi there, goodnight! Hopefully y’all had a good weekend so far and are prepping for the week ahead! I know for me some winter challenges I signed up for started today so I have so many notifications! I posted my Thanksgiving food roundup/ideas this morning and wanted to check back in with my actual weekly meal ideas. Last week I got pretty sick with a cold and did not stick to my meal plan at all but that is okay, I ate soup a couple nights instead!

So this week I am staying at my friends house to dogsit so I have access to their full kitchen which is always so nice! So many more spices and ingredients to work with and I feel more motivated to cook in their kitchen than my small dorm with no counter space. So here is what my week looks like


Breakfasts: greek yogurt, overnight oats, smoothies, fruit, breakfast cookies

Snacks: nut butter and anything, trail mix, popcorn, protein bars froyo on Monday afternoon

Lunches: salads w/ protein, quinoa/veggies, veggie/fish wraps


Sunday: Salted Cinnamon Salmon with brussels sprouts and baked sweet potato

Monday: Sweet Banana Eggs and toast with nut butter

Tuesday: Grilling- Shrimp and veggie kabobs and pork tenderloin (not for me)

Wednesday: Chipotle veggie burrito bowl w/ guacamole (seeing the new Hunger Games!)

Thursday: Thanksgiving! So many different foods

Friday: Leftover Thanksgiving foods

Desserts: Pumpkin pie (x10), frozen yogurt, trail mix, nut butter, dark chocolate

I think this week is the best yet! Maybe because I have lots of plans like dinner with a friend at the house Tuesday night, the movies Wednesday night, and the potluck for Thanksgiving! I am excited for my future meals and want to get cooking on tonights dinner! My lunches are always guesses on here since I usually eat a pretty small lunch most days at school and it turns into being a lot of snacks since it is eaten in parts between classes but that is all my schedule really allowed for this semester so I usually make sure to get protein at breakfast from greek yogurt or in a smoothie (i pack those things) and get some fruit in with breakfast and then if lunch includes 1 veggie or fruit, 1 protein, and a couple snacks like trail mix, a bar, pretzels and nut butter (x10) then that is okay and I make sure to get 2-4 veggies with dinner! It works for me and my schedule right now and I don’t stress about it.

Last comment is I made some AMAZING nut butter tonight that tastes like cookie dough! Super easy too but I ran out of some of the nuts before filling my jar so I kinda wanna make more to fill the jar (If I don’t eat it all first) and take some real pictures then let y’all know what is in it. It is good, trust me 🙂

Thanks to Laura and Jill again for this weekly meal plan link up! Hope you enjoy.


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