Ready or not!?

Here I come FINALS! (and graduation) I cannot believe, well I can but it is still quite shocking, that today is my last college class at Tulane. I am ready for it though, wayyy too ready for it actually.

Yesterday was Mental Health Awareness day on campus at my school. I briefly mentioned before that there has been numerous tragic events on campus this semester. The day had multiple awareness events for students and ended with a vigil. Our president is speaking up that there should not be such a stigma attached to mental illness and it should needs to be OKAY to ask for help.


My mom, coincidentally, mentioned my stress on Wednesday and how I need to figure out how to deal with it. She also said a lot of other things that kind of set me off that morning. Stress isn’t a joke either. Stress is the single largest causes of other diseases. I started this blog while I was going through a rough time with my worst Ulceritive Colitis flare up to date that is set off and made worse by stress. Well my UC is not my only symptom of stress, I deal with insomnia, depression and self doubt, anxiety attacks, and binge eating of my comfort foods. All of this happens and is made worse when I am stressed out by school and athletics. Luckily I am a pretty resilient person and can come back from episodes of these problems like my normal self but with this past semester I have had so much on my plate that I spent more time unhappy, surviving not thriving, than anything else.I am lucky to know there are people that love me no matter what and I look forward to seeing them soon. My attitude is a complete 180 from home to school, I am so happy there with my mom and Shane and here is just getting by, day by day, going to class, doing homework, and going to work.

I have told my issues to those around me and do not want to hide them like some of the students behind the tragic events on campus, I am not anywhere near that bad (just to clarify) I still love my life and have a lot of things/people/events that give me happiness and joy but this semester has not been easy. I had way too much school work, working for athletics feeling used and exploited for free work, and trying to work my paid job so I could have money for food and fun stuff.

I just want to say if you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness do not judge, do not compare, just offer help and compassion. Mental illness shouldn’t be less real or respectable than physical illness. There was a good article in Huffington Post with this image.


I am looking forward to finishing this semester off with the best grades I was capable of getting with everything on my plate. I am ready to go back to Maryland to spend time with my family and Shane. I am ready for a job where I feel valuable and have a voice and am doing something I love.

So here I go, Finals start Monday 12/8 and I finish on Tuesday 12/16. My mom comes into town to help me move on Saturday 12/13! plus her Birthday is 12/15! Luckily I have done a good job preparing for finals by getting a lot of my papers down and out of the way so that I can focus on studying, which is what I will be doing all weekend long! HOME STRETCH. I can do this!

Good luck to everyone else who has finals. I hope you all agree that this is not a stigma or anything to be afraid to voice. We all struggle sometimes but everyone has someone that cares and someone to catch them when they fall. This has been a deep? emotion filled post for me but the tragedies on campus have been too many for one college this semester.


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