Meal Plan #5

Hi! This is my last full week at college meal plan! Next week is a short week in New Orleans. My mom comes Saturday morning to help me move out and her birthday is Monday so we will be eating well 🙂 Then we leave Wednesday morning and are stopping in Knoxville, TN just over halfway home! We will get home Thursday night. So without further adieu lets get to my meal ideas for the week, which aren’t dated this week because I’m going with the flow of everything, since I have LOTS of studying to do!!


Breakfasts: Smoothies, yogurt, fruit, cereal, oatmeal – basically whatever I feel like and is easy while studying for afternoon finals in the morning

Snacks: trail mix, popcorn, satsumas/Louisiana oranges, hummus and pretzels, bars


Starbucks spinach eggwhite wrap with extra veggies
Salad with shrimp and sweet potatoes
Tuna with veggies and sweet potatoes
Eggs with beyond meat chicken and veggies
Sushi happy hour (Thursday before work)
Whatever is in the fridge??

I also have a froyo date Wednesday night with some friends too after I get through the large continuous chunk of finals and papers! Plus, plenty of dark chocolate and some So Delishious almond milk ice cream bars!

also a good treat to end the night
also a good treat to end the night

I really wish Silk had made the Pumpkin Spice soy milk again, nothing compares! I did do a lot of meal prep this weekend to prepare healthy options to have all week. That included: cooked plantains, sweet potato wedges, baked purple sweet potato, roasted zucchini, broccoli, brussels sprouts, red peppers, some tuna/shrimp, gingerbread nog muffins, and kabocha squash! I also have lots of greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and pealed satsumas!

Anyways, Have a great week! I will be very busy this week but cannot wait for my mom to get here!


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