8 Ways to Handle Stress

Hi everyone! I am checking in mid-study session to give y’all some helpful study/stress tips I have been using to get me through the semester and finals! Stress is a major problem in the world today. It can causes many mental and physical, body and mind, health problems. I have had my fair share so I have locked down some of my best tips when life seems to be too much.


1. WORKOUT: I think we all know this one, I find running to be the most stress relieving but any type of workout should help. Just not too much that it ends up adding stress.

2. MEDITATE: I have taken lots of yoga classes and took a Buddhism class this semester. Meditating really helps. Just taking time, getting rid of distractions, and focusing on the breath to let everything go and clear the mind. If you fully commit it really works to calm the body down.


3. MAKE A LIST: or a plan of attack, it helps to have everything you need to do written down in front of you so you can plan the order you want to get things done and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything. I like the act of crossing things off too as I work my way through. It can also help with time management.

4.DRINK TEA: tea can help calm the nerves, especially chamomile, passionflower, lavender, mint, and green tea. I love my coffee just as much as anyone else but it should not be had all day long, caffeine overload can just make you jittery, unable to concentrate, or sleep.


5. SLEEP: you saw that coming right? I hope so. Sleep is important, it is vital for brain function and there is a point where sleep is more important than continuing to work. Quality over quantity of working hours.

6.TAKE BREAKS: It is good to get up stretch and maybe take a walk or do something enjoyable. It can reset the brain and give you more power to work longer and work better.

7.FUEL: make sure to eat healthy food and snacks and too eat enough. Skipping meals or snacks to study can just make you shaky or tired and decrease brain function. You also don’t want a lot of junk food that can also make you lethargic, but a balance of healthy meals and yummy snacks are good!

cooked spinach, sweet potato, red peppers, brussel sprouts and ahi tuna
cooked spinach, sweet potato, red peppers, brussel sprouts and ahi tuna

8.TREAT YOURSELF: Post finals that is, plan a massage or a self care activity either alone or with friends or family to reward yourself for getting through everything you had to do!

froyo trip on Wednesday, mini massage on Thursday
froyo trip on Wednesday, mini massage on Thursday

Those are the things I have been working on, especially the last couple weeks. I take time to add stretching and some yoga or meditation in-between study sessions, make lots of lists, take breaks, make plans with friends after big assignments, and meal prep so I have a lot of healthy foods on hand. I also ordered myself a new dress for the holidays!

They work for me and I hope they work for you too!


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