My Year of Running 2014

Hey there, everyone have a good week? I have been making it through pretty well! I got through all but one of my finals, which is Tuesday morning.  My mom got to New Orleans today so I spent the afternoon with her, after my Buddhism final, and tomorrow we will start to pack up my room!!!

Today, I wanted to share my unconventional year of running. I have seen tons of posts linking up with Miss Zippy so now here is mine!


Best Race Experience: Indoor conference 5k. I had ended cross country on a pretty bad note, my UC was in a horrible flare up and I considered taking a semester off school. Luckily? I started prednisone over Thanksgiving that completely stopped my symptoms. After a complete break for a couple weeks I slowly started increasing my milage over Christmas break and came back in January in decent shape. I did not race all indoor season until the conference championship. I raced the 5k and placed 8th (scoring spot) with a time of 17:13.05.


Best Run: Right around spring break last year I had a great run around New Orleans. It was warm out but not too hot, I ran 9.2 miles at a good pace (6:38 pace) and ended at Starbucks for a Venti water before heading to my family friends where I was babysitting and Shane was here for his break.


Best piece of gear: I love running gear! My school is sponsored by nike but I mostly buy Lululemon myself for clothes, I really can’t choose between the two, I like different items from both. I got my first pair of mizunos over the summer that I love though! They are awesome! I got the Wave Rider 18s.


Best running advice: Take care of yourself and don’t do too much too soon. Though I have listened to doctors and taken enough time off to recover and let injuries heal they just seem to keep coming. I am not pushing myself into running anytime soon. I just want to get to a place where I can run 4-5 days a week and not hurt myself and truly enjoy it. I will get there eventually, I used to be able to handle high miles and effort but I guess my legs just want a break right now. Luckily I hate the cold so the Northern winter will keep my indoors and off the roads.

Most Inspirational Runner: I would have to say Shalane Flanagan. She has been a huge inspiration for the running community this year, has set her goals higher than others, and put in so much work to get there. She had an awesome year setting two new PRs at Boston and then Berlin, though she may have fell short of her goals she still put everything out there and still hasn’t given up. I look forward to continuing to follow her running career, she has been a true inspiration. I was luck to have briefly met her at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC last April and got her autograph! By far my girl crush 🙂 she inspires me to work harder and not give up on running even though I have had some bad luck.


My experience: Unconventional to say the least, whether I am running a lot of miles or not I seem to be getting injuries. Not too happy about that but I am not upset anymore, I have learned to accept what happens right now and try to do what feels good and go with the flow. The trainers had told me I bruised my fat pad in my right heel but it turns out it is actually plantar fasciitis. Not the worst thing but it is also pretty painful. I don’t know the cause since I haven’t been running; a thought was that it was from the boot since my L leg was higher than the R and now my R has fasciitis (straining my arch trying to level out my height). I will do my rehab/exercises on my own once I leave school, use ice cups and frozen water bottles on massage the bottom of my foot, and take it easy on the impact I put on my foot. Hopefully, it will start to ease up in pain so that I can get back into the sport I love! I am lucky to have had the support of an entire training room to help me through injuries and I always let them know how thankful I was.

That has been my year! Running has been minimal since May, so I am going in to the New Year hopeful that my body will recover and I can get back into it (slowly).

Any one else deal with plantar fasciitis? I had never had it until now and it came out of no where!! I would take any advice on it!


3 thoughts on “My Year of Running 2014

  1. Nice job on the running, speedy girl! I’m sorry you’ve had so many injuries, though. I have had PF and what worked for me was getting into my bare feet as much as possible. Since doing that several years back, I’ve never had even the smallest hint of PF. I think it strengthens your feet and that helps prevent PF. Just my two cents! Anyhow, I hope you have a better 2015 and thanks for linking up!


  2. You are so amazing!! I hope I’m somewhat close to as fast as you someday! It’s so sad that you had to deal with injuries, but I’m sure you will come back even stronger!


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