What I have been up too

Sorry guys, I totally did not mean to disappear on you this time. I just got busy, we all know the feeling and are dealing with last minute holiday errands and lots of time enjoying the company of family. I have also been trying to organize my room the best I can. I have way too much stuff! We just kinda piled it all up and I have slowly been going through it all and putting stuff away or donating it. I made a large pile of clothes to donate and went through one of my closets changing out the hangers from old plastic ones to the nicer thin velvety ones. That took a long time!

Otherwise I have been keeping busy picking a few last minute gifts, baking and cooking, grocery shopping with my mom, wrapping, enjoying time at home. Shane was here for two nights and then we went to his house Sunday afternoon to do Christmas with his family before they went up to New York Monday. We opened presents there and everything early so they did not have to transport everything to NY and back. It was fun already celebrating one Christmas 🙂 Shane and his family loved their gifts too and Shane got me the ray-bans I wanted since my aviators broke over the summer. I got him a J Crew flannel and soda stream plus holiday flavored taffy and cookies.

Back tracking a little bit, last week I finished my last final and my mom and I drove home from New Orleans. I finished my last final Tuesday morning. My mom had lunch plans with old friends so I took two friends to the airport before going to pick my mom up. We headed back to school and were there by 3pm to start loading up my car. It took us until 5:30 pm to get everything in and it was not easy! We had no extra room. We had to go to UPS and get the largest box they had to ship home so that we could sorta see out the back window. After all that we had a casual night in with family friends and went to bed early since we had an early morning.


We were out of the house around 6:30 and on our way to Charlotte, NC. About 90 minutes into the drive we hit major traffic. A tractor trailer had run off the road and had to be towed out.

IMG_3561Not the best way to start a long drive. The 10 hours became 11 plus we lost an hour in the time difference. We made it to our hotel downtown Charlotte around 6:20 pm. We were both beat so we decided to get take out. We walked to Basil Thai for dinner to take back to the room. I had the Yum kung shrimp salad and my mom got the pad thai plus we split basil rolls.


We only had a 7 hour drive in the morning so we were able to sleep in a little, use the hotel gym, get breakfast and head on our way. We both did not want to get back in the car. We were making good time though and stopped at Sam’s Club for some groceries once we made it to Annapolis. My mom had only been home a few days in December so we wanted to make sure we had the necessities.

We were in the door around 5:30 pm and immediately started unpacking. Shane was waiting for us and helped get everything inside. He had flowers for me too 🙂 We did the best we could to get things semi out of the way and made dinner. Since then it has been errands, unpacking, and enjoying my time at home! Plus decorating for Christmas since we did not get a tree until Friday afternoon!


Happy Holidays! I should be back tomorrow (on time) with a WIAW! So much food!


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