What I Am Loving Lately #4 & it’s 2015

Hey there! Everyone enjoy their New Years? I had a very low key night with Shane. We choose to drive back on New Years eve to avoid traffic since we were leaving NY and did not make it back home until 5:30 pm. Shane still had to run and I choose to hit up the grocery store. I had a free Arctic Zero coupon to use still that was going to expire after that day so off to the local Safeway I went. Not very crowded on New Years eve at 6pm, anyone surprised? Not I.

So my assortment of grocery purchases? Vitamin Water, Arctic Zero, strawberries, gingerbread greek yogurt, fruit yogurt smoothies for shane, kombucha gingeraid, go raw chocolate super cookies, and Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn… yeah pretty random but it worked.

The rest of our New Years was low key. I made Shane chicken pot pie, roasted cauliflower for both of us, and made myself some salmon and sautéed kale. We put on the movie Divergent, which was really good, and turned in before midnight… we are lame, sorry. We recored the Carson Daly NYE coverage to watch the next morning but were both beat from the long car ride.

Since that was short lets get to the things I am loving! I am linking up for Friday Favorites with Heather, Katie and Clare.


Grocery Shopping: Since I wrote about my short grocery trip the other night I wanted to say I love grocery shopping for multiple people. I can pick out a lot more variety and not worry about it spoiling! My mom also loves that I am willing to do the shopping for her 🙂

Kombucha: I am totally addicted. I have always liked it but now I am craving it! I really like the gingerade, trilogy, and multi green flavors. Whole Foods is having a sale 2/$4 yesterday so I made sure to go in after my workout and pick up a few. I want to buy my own home brew kit but for now my mom says no for ‘stuff’ on the counters, we have run out of space in our kitchen, so it will have to wait a couple months.


Organizing/donating things: I had a ton of stuff at home and at school and am finally able to get rid of things and organize better with it all together. Before I would be worried about donating things because I didn’t remember what I had stored at school or had at home but now that is not a problem. I took 4 big bags to goodwill before the new year and am planning to go through more stuff. I also started cleaning out old drawers of papers, pictures, junky items… feels so good to declutter my room!

Home!: (and family) Of course, if you have been reading for awhile you know I love home. New Orleans was a learning chapter of my life, I grew a lot as an independent woman and got a great degree, but there is nothing like family. My heart was left in Maryland 3.5 years ago and it hurt every time to leave. I have plans to move out of my moms house in the fall and away from Maryland but that will be with Shane and starting a future. No detailed plans yet but we are starting to figure out the future as ‘real’ (both his and mine since I am walking with my class in May) graduation nears.

yearly Rockefeller center tree picture
yearly Rockefeller center tree picture

Patagonia: I got a super warm and comfortable pullover for christmas, the women’s re-tool snap-t fleece pullover, which I absolutely LOVE! It is purple, my favorite color and thick enough to keep me warm but not too thick that I feel bulky like you can with big jackets. I have been wearing it around daily.


Reading Resolutions: I love seeing all the New Years resolutions online. I get a lot of motivation from reading other peoples plans for the new year. Though I am not huge on setting in stone things and being an all or nothing person I think it is great that we all continue to try to better ourselves. I try everyday to better myself but this time of year I get extra motivation from everyone! 30 plank challenges anyone??

Yoga: Is this a resolution? nahh I am making a lifelong commitment! (hopefully, check in on me in a couple years? thanks) I want to do more yoga. I really let it fall by the wayside this fall, the classes on campus were not free anymore and did not fit into my schedule at all so I did not have time to go. I did make a half-assed effort to do some yoga stretched by myself 1-2 x a week but it could have been better than it was. I went to a nice slow hatha yoga class on Tuesday and am going to make it to a class on Saturday and will continue to fit it into my schedule! My body just feels so much better with it in my life.

Your turn- Any one else loving these things? Set any resolutions for 2015?

I am working on a meal plan, which I was not able to do the last couple weeks with traveling and not being in complete control of plans, so I will be posting that this weekend! Have a great one!


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