Meal Plan #6

Hello, how was your weekend? Did you have a long weekend starting with a short day on New Years eve or did you go to work Friday? work… yes something maybe a few of you have thought about, like what the heck is this girl going to do now that she is a college graduate!

That last part, graduate, hasn’t fully set in but it is starting too and I have applied for a job I really want for now, at this point in my life, and am doing what i need to do to make the other parts happen. I have a plan 🙂 just not ready to share it until it happens. One decision I did make was to sign up for a spin certification class with Schwinn next weekend! There is a session taking place Sunday 1/11 60-75 minutes from my house, just past DC/Dulles, so I took the jump and signed up! I talked with an instructor at a gym in Annapolis and she said once I am certified and get my CPR certification redone then we can add me as a sub first and look to take on my own weekly class from there! Woooo, I am excited about it!

So that brings us back to this Sunday, today! My mom and I are going to start sorting through her ornaments tonight, the ones that did not make it onto the tree this year, to pull out all of mine so I can easily access them when I move out. She also needs to reorganize them all so this makes the method a little easier. Otherwise today is a normal Sunday for us. Gym, laundry, grocery store, clean up and food prep. We are leaving our Christmas tree up until next weekend though because she loves it and we got it so late this year it is not dying yet. That also makes it better so we can court through the ornaments in boxes first before filling them completely, then as we take them off the tree we can place them in the correct spots. Exciting stuff right? Well lets get to what we are making/prepping this week!


berry bowls with grain free granola, coconut flour greens powder and almond milk
protein shakes with shakeology and greens, berries
pumpkin overnight chia seed pudding and fruit

Usually leftovers or eggs with veggies and potatoes
SweetGreen in DC on Wednesday because I love it

Snacks: Lara bars made into balls and rolled in cashew flour, snapea crisps, carrots and hummus, trail mix, bare barney almond butter with roasted plantain

Drinks: Coffee, water with ACV, hot tea, kombucha

Oysters and clams with butternut squash and cauliflower

Sauteed kale with ahi tuna, roasted sweet potatoes, peppers and avocado

Clean Eating Avocado Pesto Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Alfredo Sauce

Spinach bites with Mexican stuffed baked sweet potatoes (black beans, plain greek yogurt, salsa, avocado, spices)

Salad with leftover fish/veggies/potatoes x2 nights or out to eat one night

Shopping List:
Proteins: Sashimi tuna steaks, Frozen Shrimp
Fruit: Plantains, berries, avocados, tomatoes
Veggies: Zucchini, kale, mixed greens, peppers, mushrooms
Other: Lemon juice, coconut oil, raw cashews, basil, sweet potatoes

I thought it would be fun to include a shopping list this week. Since my mom and I spent a lot of time cleaning out the cabinets yesterday and making a list for our Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s shopping this afternoon. We already have lots of greek yogurt, beans, coffee, almond milk, some roasted veggies like cauliflower and brussels sprouts and most of the snacks I listed so we just needed a couple long lasting items this week but mostly fruits/veggies. I am happy to have the week all planned out for stressless meals and easy healthy items to grab if short on time!

I am linking up with Jill and Laura for this weeks meal planning, make sure to checkout other peoples meal plans for other ideas!


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