Injury Update & exercises for Plantar Fascitis

Seesh, it is Friday already? Where has this week gone?? I do not even feel like I did that much but I guess I did. I made dinner two nights in a row for my mom and I, went into DC with her one day for my foot doctor appt., met a good friend from high school for happy our (food not alcohol), took Shane dinner one night, cleaned my room some more, had a dentist appt, and other random day to day activities… how’s that for a week recap? The one I wanted to mention today was my foot. I have talked about it a little bit before but not many details because I did not have any. My trainers at school were all taking their best guesses because none of my injuries have made sense this year. I have had three in a row with no intense training. I have followed rehab to a T, I eat a very nutritious and dense ‘diet’/array of foods and eat many anti-inflammatory foods as well. I did no more than any other  injured athlete cross training wise, except maybe more consistent core work and some biking to the grocery store or jamba juice since I did not have a meal plan but nothing intense. I let it get to me for a little bit but luckily not too long. Everyone was just taking their best guess because there was no clear cause, no moment of ahhh shoot I just did something to my foot or any intense workout sessions. I am at a point where, yes I miss running (a lot) and would like to not have my feet hurt for various reasons, but am not gonna get it get me down. I have taken all the steps I was told to take and still got hurt (while not even running) so what else can I do? I am taking a long break from running and looking at different exercise goals because that is all I can do. Being upset about it all would not get me anywhere and trying to ignore the pain would just be stupid. I was asked if I wanted to try cortisone shots but I said what is the point? not being able to feel the pain so I mess up my feet even more while not training for anything anyways. So the verdict was a combination of the two things my trainers at school told me. I probably, doesn’t show up on an x-ray well, bruised my fat pad in my R heel. Maybe from trying to lessen the impact on my L foot which had had the two stress fractures in the metatarsals, maybe I stumbled at some point on a short run and landed wrong? We can’t really go back and figure out how it happened. There was no stress fracture/broken bones in the x-ray so it really could’ve happen from anything but I am not one to be jumping around landing hard on my feet. The second diagnosis was severe plantar fascitis. The doctor had me flex my foot and just feel the tendons in the arch of my foot leading back to my heel. The one was like a guitar string it was so tight and popping out a lot further than the rest. Again not entirely sure why it got so tight but that would be pulling back and forth with my heel and possibly aggravated it even more. AL_plantarFasciitis_diagram I stopped wearing my orthotics maybe 6 weeks ago because it made my shoes too tight and the pain a lot worse so he ended up taping my foot while I was there to support my arch and restrain my foot a bit. That will only last a week or so though but has actually given me a lot less pain already! He also prescribed me an anti-inflammatory to take once a day, which I am not thrilled about but he said take it for 7-10 days to see if the inflammation goes down, if it does not help then I can stop taking it. He advised heating my foot every night and keeping up with the stretched and band/foot exercises I was doing. Plantar Fascitis Exercises: (3×10 each) 3 or 4 way band moves (to and away from you, both sides) Towel crunch – on a slick surface scrunch up the towel towards you ABC Alphabet in air with foot heel/tow walks around the room mable pickups 3x 10 seconds Towel stretch – wrap towel or band around your foot and pull towards you until you feel stretch, hold for 10 seconds and release calf stretch – on board or against a wall These seem to be working a bit for me but I don’t think are a solution if you already have a severe case of plantar fascitis, hopefully if I continue to do these 3-4 x a week and the inflammation goes down it will help avoid it from returning in the future! In the mean while I am getting back into yoga, light yoga, I am not doing any jumping in class but taking it at my own pace and making sure to not over stretch my foot or do anything that might irritate it anymore. I am also lifting weights more often and keeping up with core work. As for cardio, I mentioned earlier this week, I am getting spin certified on Sunday! My doctor told me as long as it doesn’t hurt (which it does not) that that is a great way to maintain fitness and health. I am really excited to start teaching classes at local gyms and spin is a great form of cross training when you cannot run! Lastly, I now belong to a gym that has an indoor lap pool so I can aqua jog too or maybe get better at swimming laps, we shall see. I am sorry this post is a bit long but I hope it was informative! I really try to take care of my body and listen to the signals and ask for advice from trained specialists but apparently my body doesn’t follow the ‘rules’ and is just doing its’ own thing. The most likely contributing factor is the long period of anemia I had from my Ulcerative Colitis and my body taking calcium from my bones during this time. Hopefully because I am still young and I eat a colorful healthy diet this is not a long term problem in the future but definitely something we are considering taking a look at. Injuries come in all shapes and sizes and are not always attributed to training causes so remember to always look at the big picture and do what you can to make the best of what it can give you at any moment in time. Have a great friday! I have plans with Shane tonight after his first week of school. Nothing exciting since he is racing the 1 mile tomorrow for indoor track.

Any fun plans this weekend? Anyone else experience similar injuries or any unknown injuries?


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