10 on the 10th Nut Butters!

Hey there. I am getting this post up pretty late on the 10th but better late than never right? I had some late night inspiration… and a busy day.

This morning I woke up, to a alarm, to hit the gym early enough so that I would make it home to shower, make myself lunch, make lunch to take Shane, and get downtown to park and walk onto the academy yard in time for his race. Plus I thought I had plenty of time when I was leaving the gym I decided to walk into Whole Foods (in the same shopping center right next to where I park = dangerous) to pick up a coffee.

The line was about four people deep, okay not too bad, I have time. Well, Whole Foods, though the coffee is awesome and they have almond milk (I got an Almond Milk Cappuccino) and it is Fair Trade (!!!) is not in fact a fast paced Starbucks like coffee shop. It took maybe 7-8 minutes for me to just order my drink and a multigrain croissant that I made Shane’s awesome sandwich on. When I got to the cashier to order she had me wait while she took money out and put it into some special zip bag for something or another… normally not a problem. Then I was waiting for my drink thinking dang I should’ve just ordered regular coffee, I like it better anyways… well it took about 10 minutes after ordering. Apparently my cup got pushed back or something because the lady behind me got her drink first. By no means was it the guy making the coffees fault, he only has one machine and two hands but really? All said and done it took me 23 minutes from walking in to walking to my car to get my drink. Word of the wise- avoid Whole Foods coffee line on a Saturday morning :/ one bonus was guacamole samples and some chocolate cocoa walnut yummy thing next to the cash register.

I do still love Whole Foods, obviously, but sometimes it can really fail me. With that said, they do have an awesome nut butter selection and that is what I wanted to do for my 10 for the 10th! I am linking up with Cortni from YakkaFit!


My ten favorite nut butters!

stock at one point


1. Trader Joe’s Cashew Butter: It is so creamy and sweet without added sugar! I love love love it! Plus cashews are my favorite nut! I have a jar of cashew butter from Whole Foods I have yet to open but the Trader Joe’s one is also $7.99 verse $9.99 and up for other brands!

2. Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter: This stuff is pricy but so good. The vanilla flavor is on point it is delicious by the spoonful as a night treat or on anything really. I only buy it on sale but when I do it is gone in a week.

3. Barney Butter Cocoa and Coconut: again pricey but Whole Foods and The Fresh Market have had a couple sales of all Barney Butter flavors at $6.99 but the jars on the flavored ones are pretty small. It is good though! They have a variety of flavors but I keep going back to this one. I have a jar of the vanilla espresso I have yet but have bought 5-6 jars of this flavor already. The regular almond butter is good too!


4. Kolat nut butters: I couldn’t just pick one! I am currently working on the dark chocolate coconut flavor, before that I tried blueberry cinnamon walnut and the first flavor I tried was espresso hazelnut. All flavors are good, I was so excited when the Whole Foods in New Orleans started to carry them! I love that they have no added sugar and I know all the ingredients!


5. Peanut Butter and Co: again pretty much all flavors. If I had to rank them: Dark Chocolate Dreams, Crunch Time, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl (TONS of raisins), White Chocolate Wonderful, Mighty Maple, The Bee’s Knees. Not a huge fan of regular smooth pb or “the heat is on”. Not as pricy as the ones listed above and they now sell the Dark Chocolate Dreams and Smooth Operator flavors in a 28 oz jar for just $8! On the PB&Co site the 16 ox, regular size jars, are $6 so that is a steal!


6. Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Spread (Crunchy): Love this stuff too, not too bad a price, it is under $6 and sometimes on sale for $3.99. It has the perfect amount of coconut flavor and so chunky. I kinda wish there were unsweetened coconut shreds in it too 🙂 maybe a new version??!


7. Wild Friends Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter: I seem to like this flavor, huh? I was not a fan of the honey and pretzel flavor and was hesitant to try another but this one is good! Sold in 16 oz jars for $11.99 but usually can be found online for less.

oatmeal squares cereal with almond butter
oatmeal squares cereal with almond butter

8. Nuttzo Crunchy Chocolate: I was surprised I liked this one, it does contain peanuts in this flavor but if you are not allergic it is good! I did not like the original peanut free flavor AT ALL but really really liked the chocolate flavor. Another expensive one usually $13.99.

9. Nutz n More: Toffee Crunch and Pumpkin Spice, these are good and have added protein! I will say I am not a fan of how dry the bottom of the jar gets because the oil separates so much and there is protein added. Make sure it continuous stir the jar or expect some dry nut butter on the bottom. I was happy when GNC started to carry these incase you want to try them but don’t want to pay $8 to ship some nut butters.

10. Trader Joe’s unsalted creamy Almond Butter: I had trouble picking the last one but had to go with this, it is so creamy and almondy. Oh so good and a good price! I like the unsalted one too because I don’t think nut butters or nuts in general need extra salt.

Gosh that was hard! I love so many nut butters and each fits a different food or occasion. I also have so many more I want to try still! Whether it be different flavors by the above listed brands or new ones all together. I still have the Jiff pumpkin spice unopened, the barney butter vanilla bean and espresso, new cashew butter, cracked nut butter chocolate chip cookie dough… I could go on! Making your own is always a great idea too! But so far these are my favorites 🙂 and my ten for this January 10th 2015!

Any other nut butter recommendations? Like the flavors above?


5 thoughts on “10 on the 10th Nut Butters!

  1. I do love the almond butter at Trader Joes! I had a bad experience the first time I had almond butter so it took me a while to try it again but I live that one!

    I also love the almond butter from my farmers market and the choco/cherry almond butter from Grand Traverse Co.

    Sounds like I need to try cashew butter!


    1. I highly recommend cashew butter, it became my favorite fast! Soooo creamy, and salty. I love the price on Trader Joe’s nut butters too compared to other places and minimal ingredients. that choco cherry almond butter sounds really good! maybe I will look for that next!


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