Meal Plan for the week #7

Hello, everyone have a good weekend? I am a bit late getting around to this meal plan, as we have already eaten our Sunday night dinner but I was busy, busy, busy all weekend and not on the computer. It happens, right? I was busy with good reason.

With that being said I am gonna get to this weeks meal plan!


Breakfasts: Eggs with veggies and smoked salmon and avocado, fruit bowls with lots of toppings, fruit and protein smoothies,

Lunches: usually leftovers of veggies and protein

Snacks: banana or roasted plantains with nut butter (a favorite), fresh oranges, trail mix, lara bars, Skinny pop, smoothies

Sunday: Baked Cod with asparagus, lettuce, roasted sweet potato wedges in pumpkin oil, and chopped tomatoes in lemon juice/orange juice/olive oil and basil.
Monday: Chipotle! we are going to see Unbroken at the movies!
Tuesday: Salad with roasted peppers, beets, shrimp and avocado
Wednesday: Stuffed sweet potatoes via Peas and Crayons
Thursday: Salmon burgers with veggies
Friday: Out to eat? I’m rooting for sushi! 🙂
Saturday: Leftovers

Some goods recipes on the agenda. Since I did the grocery shopping Friday I will quickly recap what I picked up for everyone incase you are curious.

Whole Foods: greek/almond yogurt (lots on sale! got 9), cashews and macadamia nuts, Kavita Tonics (2), a Thunderbar and a vega sport bar, So Delishious Almond Milk, 2/$7 Zevia, and 1/2 lb Turbot

Sam’s Club: Coconut oil (54 oz), Skinny Pop, Terra sweet potato chips, Huge cut of wild caught Cod, asparagus, kale salad mix, tri colored peppers, multi-colored small tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries


We also had 1/2 bag of oranges, plantains, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, beets, eggs, frozen salmon/tuna/shrimp, and other staples leftover from the week before or long term items. So we are all set for a healthy week ahead!

Any one have a recipe they swear by? We do at least one simple night/week of a big salad with all the leftovers thrown on top.

I am linking up with Laura and Jill again this week!


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