Weekend Recap: Indoor Cycle Certification

Good Morning! How was everyones weekend? Mine was BUSY!

Friday night was pretty boring. I did the grocery shopping after the gym and then we made a nice piece of fish and salads for dinner. Shane came over for a bit but did not stay too late because he had a race. I also did not sleep well Thursday night so I went to bed very early as well! Saturday morning I woke up to go to the gym before Shane’s track meet. He raced the mile indoors. Wooo. My mom came along to watch and we sat with his parents who I hadn’t seen nearly as much as I usually do over break since we spent so much time in New York instead.

After his race we headed back home so I could finish packing and head up to Virginia. I had my Indoor cycling certification all day on Sunday so I made arrangements to stay with my former roommates parents just 20 miles from the location (instead of 65 from Annapolis). I choose Schwinn as my certification and was very pleased with the program.


It was 9 hours long (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) with a lunch break. It made for a long day but it went by pretty fast and I was happy to have it over with in one day. Our instructor was super nice and very knowledgeable. He knew so much about having successful classes, about body mechanics, and just basically anything you could think of. We had one ride in the middle of the day, which he taught, and we saw first hand how awesome of a teacher he is.

We ended up getting out a couple minutes late, even though he shortened lunch to try and end early on Sunday, but there were so many questions, which he answered very thoroughly. I had an 80 minute drive home from the cycle studio around the Beltway (not fun) but I made it home safely. Now on the agenda for this week is to redo my CPR certification and then I am all set to teach! Wooo.

I am very excited for this new chapter in my fitness and life. I am so pumped to be starting my path of helping others better themselves and cannot wait to continue in other areas of health. It has truly become my passion and I hope to be successful with the amount of work I am willing to put in. I came home and immediately started looking for my own music to get workouts put together šŸ™‚

Anyone else spin certified? Which certification did you choose? First time class tips?


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