Thinking Out Loud #21

Hello and Goodmorning! Everyone have their coffee and are ready for some Thinking Out Loud with Amanda today? It has been a while since I participated in a TOL but I have a bit to say today 🙂 Usually I just get so busy/distracted mid week by the time I decide I want to maybe write a post I am too exhausted and my brain has shut off :/ but not today! I am writing early and ready to Think Out Loud!


  • It snowed again yesterday. It has been VERY cold the past few weeks! Last year I remember it being very mild for winter break but not this year. I prefer snow over the awful rainy weather we had earlier this week though. We did not get much though, just enough to layer the ground.
  • Since it snowed my mom stayed home and worked from her office upstairs. That means she drank more coffee than usual so I decided to stop and get a second cup after I sent a package/picked up a missed delivery package. I went to a cute little place called Bakers & Co. It opened maybe a year ago and I have wanted to go in for awhile! When we had dinner with our friend Ron last weekend he had bread from there that was awesome and said he goes a couple times a week! I decided to pick up a loaf of bread with my coffee and all the pastries looked delicious as well. IMG_3781
  • I finally got back to my favorite yoga studio nearby for a Yoga Sculpt class last night! Lately I have just been doing some videos on my own or my own sun salutations but since my mom had dinner plans last night and I still had two (now one) classes left in a package I bought over the summer. Otherwise the studio is a bit pricy and I will try to make more of my gyms yoga classes instead! I also bought an elephant tank top I have wanted for a while from the studio! IMG_3787
  • I bought a donut pan at Bed Bath and Beyond! I was so excited I even used it last night already and will have so much fun making different donut creations! Look for recipes to come 🙂
  •  IMG_3788
  • I finally found the S’mores quest bars at a GNC after having check every week at all the stores I saw. I had one last night and they are yummy! I also bought some of the Multi-purpose protein mix from my gym! They were having a sale and after thinking about buying it for two weeks now I finally did! It will work well for baking I hope! IMG_3775
  • It is almost a long weekend! Though that doesn’t mean too much for me right now, it does mean Shane will have off school and some time to actually do stuff. Currently he is going to a concert Saturday night but on Sunday I want to go ice skating!

That is all I can think of for now! By the Way if you didn’t notice I am now at !! My own site! and more posting!

Anyone bake anything with the quest protein powder yet or try the S’mores bars?


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #21

    1. basically the whole country is feeling this cold! I am just not used to it after having by passed most of winter the last 3 years being in New Orleans! I hope it is at least dry cold because that is so much better than the wet cold feeling!


  1. Love the donut pan. I definitely would make donuts for like 2 weeks straight after getting one. (Which is probably why I shouldn’t get one.)


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